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The incentive for creation of social project “Lavender” is the need in safety of the dating service rendered. Two circumstances have to be taken into consideration:
on the one hand – natural desire of people all over the world to get acquainted, using modern informational system of contact – Internet, and on the other hand – high degree of danger of dating through Internet sites, where anonymity of the person registered is preserved, where there is no guarantee of the trustworthiness of the information, presented about oneself on such sites, or authenticity of photos, or genuine goals of acquaintance.

Thus, for users of the general use sites there is danger that the information about the person, to whom interest has appeared, is doubtful, and for those, who has placed information about oneself, there is danger to attract attention of the people with other goals, may be even with malicious intent.

The goal of the social project “Lavender”: creation of favorable conditions for adults with traditional gender orientation wishing to get acquainted through Internet in this country or abroad.

The tasks of the project “Lavender”:
To create alternative Internet-space for dating, in which a person can count on confidentiality of oneself, on authenticity of the information presented on the sites about a person who he/she desires to get to know and as a result – safety of acquaintance.

The social project “Lavender” for adults lies in:

- uniting of partnership sites and agencies in Russia and abroad, working on the principles of the idea of safe acquaintance through internet in Russia and whole world for the adults by one informational space, one structure and design on the basis of matrix “Lavender” (but with their own logo, name of the site and site address) or their own sites;
- popularization of the idea of safe acquaintance through internet in Russia and whole world for adults;
- mutual advertising of partnership agencies;
- using feminine catalogues of “Lavender” agency and partnership Russian agencies, sites as a basis for acquaintance of clients of partnership foreign agencies, working on the basis of “Lavender” matrix or their own sites, on the basis of the principles of the idea of safe acquaintance.

The principles of the idea of safe acquaintance through Internet in Russia and the whole world for adults: confidentiality, authenticity, safety underlie the international social project “Lavender”.
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