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28, April 2018

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The scientific-publicistic articles by Svetlana Lavender

April 2009: VESSELS

Part 1

I imagine the body of a person is a vessel, the soul – contents of the vessel.
The vessels exchange their contents.
There are vessels, which are filled with natural: slaking one's thirst, healing spring water, dense sweet honey, cheering juice of wild berries, heady wine, nutritious fresh milk, healing extracts of herbs, for special aroma, unique taste a little of contents from other vessels. The vessels share their contents with those, who ask, with cups and jugs, vessels which are poorly filled by nature.

Sometimes it happens that a vessel was filled from many other vessels with valuable and useful contents, but everything mixed and it’s not tasty, nobody asks to share its contents.
Sometimes the content of a vessel is so refined and so useful, that its taste gets strange and unclaimed in such case, they say, that a person was born not in his time and only descendants will appreciate him at true worth.
- If one doesnt share his valuable contents, which others want and wait for it can begin to ferment, deteriorate.
- Or one took something harmful, spoilt, dangerous and muddy from the other jug and the content of your vessel now has become also dangerous for others.
- Or one didnt filled to the brim, didnt adjust known only to you the composition of the content of the vessel, but hurry to pour it out even though nobody asks for it.
It is interesting to take part in the interchange it is life!

If we dont realize ourselves, that the content of our vessel has become dangerous and infected with arrogance (its two opposite sides are aggression and victimhood) and other derivatives of this sin, and we dont want or we cannot realize it (ones own traumatizing perception of “I” or kin, in general, inherited, is ousted in subconsciousness), SOMEBODY covers you vessel with a lid and puts it aside sit, or may be lie down for a while, think a bit, that you should not take part in the interchange with such content, you have become dangerous, can infect or spoil the contents of others or may be you are able to share more valuable content so to say, where to hurry?

Ailment, illness (mental, heart, physical), destiny anomalies (loneliness, poverty, sterility, birth of sick children, imprisonment, that is, symptoms of heavy fate) ways to put our vessel aside, and if it doesnt help change, clean, bring the content to availability it will be broken.
The vessels can be various: simple, loam, wooden, glassy, ceramic, from dried animals skin, or there are vessels made of precious metals, beautifully decorated, but looking alike, sometimes there can be found rare vessels, hand-made, incrusted with precious stones. The vessel, as such, doesnt have any value itself. It is necessary for keeping the content. That is why there is the concept harmony, when precious content is in the precious vessel.

Each of us knows, what it is like to feel oneself devastated after the experienced disasters or when there is no end seen of the way towards the goal set. At that time we often say: It is empty in my soul. At the very moments of life the change of the vessel content happens. The vessel becomes released of the prior content. What can happen next?
- The vessel is filled with nothing, it is broken (moral or physical death happens), or it is again filled with the prior content and it is again put aside (a person has stopped to develop, regression).
- Or the vessel is filled with new content, purer, more useful, tasty, and continues participation in the interchange. Or its content even cardinally changes: honey into healing extract, spring water into juice of wild berries, milk into rough wine. It means, the initiation of the personality into a different state has happened! The transfer to a new, higher stage of spiritual, personal development has happened. In the vessel its own spring (crown, fontanel, the upper chakra, responsible for connection with the information field) came out. The vessel is filled and changes its contest into vivifying natural saps (diseases, destiny symptoms leave as the contents depurate). Capacity for clearing and again filling itself with what is necessary at this time, in these conditions among those vessels, which surround it, means, the personality went through several initiations. Such people are considered self-sufficient, successful, with high potential to self-actualization, they are healthy, intensively participate in the interchange and seclude themselves for a period of clearing to go through the new initiation.

When I wrote this article, the image of the Holy Grail came quite spontaneously to me. The apostles of Jesus Christ drank from this cup at the Last Supper after Christs Resurrection and then they brought the acquired truth to the people. Why is the Holy Grail the core of the truth? May be because only Christ went through initiation, which nobody and never can repeat, arisen from the dead. The precious Holy Grail is being searched, but cant be found. It is at the top, the way to which lies through the interchange with the contents of higher and higher level of purity and which is concealed behind the clouds. Bert Hellinger has a wonderful parable: a man had left his home, his land and set out on the journey to look for the truth. His way was hard and long. Exhausted he came to the desert. He was very thirsty. Wells appeared one by one, but they were just mirages. When he was completely exhausted he saw a real well, from which two people were drinking already. A man also clung to it and began to drink and they introduced themselves to each other: Buddha, Allah and Christ. They drank from one and the same spring, then each of them returned to their lands, to their people and shared the contents of their vessels with those who asked for.

Part 2

The vessel is put aside to sit and to lie down for a while … until you realize what its harmfulness is and until you let it die (conception of oneself, arrangement of the world, relations in it and your place in this world). To let die means:
- Stop justifying and defending the content, which lead to illness, hard situation in a destiny. Saying that, these are the other vessels to blame they gave some mud, the content of mine is pure as Abels tear.
- Stop making claims, that other vessels on my shelf have worse contents than mine, but they are not removed! And it is useless to ask: Fill me with something good, so that my vessel continues participation in the interchange. Everything is arranged by HIM, so you have to make your own choice what vessel to ask, what to be filled with and who share it with that is why the responsibility for the content of your vessel is also yours. If around there are only vessels with muddy contents what do you do here?
Clearing of the vessel untimeliness, moonlessness, weightlessness (there is no old conception of oneself and the world, it died, but there is no new yet), the past doesnt restrain already, and the future doesnt draw yet.
And at present there are only you, yourself. To find the way to SELF (to the center of proper I), where there is your spring ready to fill you with new content it is a hard job. But the filling from it of oneself is not easier as well.
It is followed by insomnia, tachycardia, loss of physical strength, appetite, which lasts for 1-3 nights for those who changes the contents not for the first time and quite much longer for those, with who it happens for the first time.
And once, you fall asleep and sleep soundly, and waking up you feel the world has changed around there are other vessels near you, those which before used to stand above you. And you are full of strength, luminous from inside, as good Samaritans, joyously continue your interchange with the vessel on this shelf already, accept something from the upper and give from yours to the jugs on the lower shelves.

By my own and my clients observations I came to the conclusion, that puzzles coincide (the new contents changes the destiny) during 40 days up to a year. There is already new content in a vessel, but the phantom information trace from the prior remains during this period.

I imagine vessels with jugs in a form of A.Maslow's hierarchy of needs, in which there are 7 levels (the lowest, first primitive, the necessities of life in warmth, food, sex and so on, at the top need in self-actualization). But, as it is well known, before his death, he strenuously worked at the definition and additional differentiation of the last 7th level.

As it seems to me, Maslow could arrive at understanding of the existence of 5 more levels two of them (8,9) are the stages of further blooming of Ego, and then (10,11,12) constructional decentralization of a personality (deletion of the borders between the centre and periphery, personality and space, conscious and subconscious) and at the top (13) the Holy Grail, as a symbol of apotheosis (life-death-life). It is obvious that a lot of discoveries, works of art of universal meaning, able to open the springs in other vessels, were made by scientists, artists, musicians with in-between states from the point of view of orthodox psychology.
So, in this hierarchy the vessels move towards upper shelf, or aside, or again to the lowest, according to the contents and their renewal.

During mandala-diagnostics and mandala-therapy of the clients I see as the metaphor about the vessels and Maslow's hierarchy wonderfully adjusts with the large circle of archetypical stages of the psychological development of a person in the form of 12 mandalas (mandala the picture in a circle, integrated symbol the projection of conscious and unconscious structure of psychics), the 13th in the centre mandala of Christ (white circle against the white background or black circle against the black background) actually the Holy Grail, situated in the center of mandala circle or at the top of hierarchy. When a person depicts 7, 8, 9 mandala, where there is a distinct center, connected with the border of the circle it is definitely means that he knows the way to SELF, to the centre I! He has experience of initiations, he is able to become clear, to fill himself with the necessary contents, he is responsible for his choice, he knows the way to his resources, springs for solving his own problems and tasks.
And 10,11,12 mandalas, according to my idea, correspond to the vessels, which have the contents already able to open springs SELF in others, help them find the way to the springs in those vessels (1-6 mandalas, in the images of pictures the centre is absent or isnt connected with the border of the circle), where he gets!

Take a list of white paper, draw a circle in its centre by hand, or draw out a plate, with the diameter approximately corresponding to the size of your head. Take water-colour, a brush and create a colorful drawing in a center, listening to the music, which finds response in your soul. Be sincere and follow your wish to take this or that color and fill with it this or that space in the circle, fill with the color and picture all the space inside the circle. After finishing the drawing look at it: what is depicted in the center of the circle, what is at its borders, whether the centre is connected with the border, whether there is symmetry, what colors are in the centre, what colors are outside it, how many colors are in your picture, whether the color are pure or mixed, what the proportion of light and dark shades is, whether they are harmonic or contrasting, what emotions, feelings the white and the dark colors reflect, which emotion carries each of them, what colors speak about your weakness, your strength, what kind of state of mind reflects the drawing, whether these feelings are connected with your past, present or future, what you realized with the help of the picture?

The meeting with the content of your vessel has taken place! This mandala is the state of your soul at this time. The change of the contents leads to the change of mandala and, vise verse, drawing the mandalas, disclosing the soul through creative activity, contributes to the change of contents, to opening the way to centre I, to inner resources, healing, harmony and bloom of personality.

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