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28, April 2018

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Scientific-publicistic articles by Svetlana Lavender

August 2012: "Accept movements of your soul… The autumn rain is the precursor of spring”

After winter, snowstorm
spring melts snow
by the careless touch of warmth.
The desired heat comes
with the vernant streams, green leaves,
long-awaited sweet taste of fruit.
The autumn
washes with rain, wipes out the world of bright colors
and makes it sleep, and the winter
gives peace to earth for new springs.
And in the eternal cycle of transformations,
see the movement of your soul
the reflection of the essence of nature
The autumn rain is the precursor of spring.
Accept movements of your soul.

Svetlana Lavender

The essence of nature is in cyclicity, rhythm, change of the rest period and activity cycle. After the rest period the energy, necessary for new turn of life, accumulates. Outburst of energy is always irrepressible, spontaneous, the feeling of unpredictability, uncontrollability, chaos appears, but in the very chaos the energy of new, the transformation energy is born. The rest energy transforms into the damage energy, which transforms into creativity energy, which again transforms into the rest energy and the cycle repeats.

For example, imagine a picture of spring river flow, which washes away everything on its way. From a perspective of a tree, which grew tens of years on the bank and which is pulled up by the roots, – this rapid stream has brought death to it, damaged its life. From a perspective of nature in general it’s the demonstration of strength, life force of transformation energy.
This chaos is the essence of higher order, maintaining the balance of destroying and creative forces! The energy for creation of the new becomes free when the old destroys.

Look at the catastrophes in your life from a perspective of destiny in general. Parting, divorce, loss of a dear person, your own illness its distraction of the existing relations with yourself or the others. It means your destiny needs transformation energy for new relations with yourself or other people. It means transformation of these relations is more important and meaningful for you and the world in general.

Try to feel the rhythms of your destiny, hear its voice, accept the damage energy gently and with gratitude for building your new “I.

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