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28, April 2018

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The scientific-publicistic articles by Svetlana Lavender

September 2009: Religion and Psychology

Part 1

To my mind, RELIGION as world outlook and PSYCHOLOGY as a science – two different portals into one and the same space the space of a person’s Soul, two different approaches with the same meaning: organization of harmonic spiritual life of a person and organization of the interaction of a person, as an open system, with the world around, with alive and inanimate matter. Religion fulfils its function, generally speaking, through a postulate “soul is initial, matter secondary”, psychology through matter is initial, soul secondary.

Religion is persons world outlook, understanding of the world and his being through his divine nature, through God and with God. It organizes inner, spiritual life of a person through participation with God, Belief in God, Belief in His justice, freeing himself from soul sufferings. Belief is based on the postulate about the unconditional love of God to a person, of a person to God. The outward life of a religious person is regulated by a definite behaviour in accordance with Christs commandments (for example, in Orthodox Christianity), as a free will expression of a person. The alternation of the fasts and holidays sets the rhythm of life, economical activity harmonic with natural cycles, bringing order and regularity. The aim of life of a believer to approach God through the soul purification.

When in my clients picture in the circle (it is called mandala integrated projection of the conscious, unconscious structure of the psychics) the image of cross appears, that is the centre connected with the border, it says about that change of the psychics structure, appearance of a mature centralized consciousness.

The cross: in the horizontal line to the right repentance (to ask for forgiveness), to the left to forgive, in the vertical line below resignation (acceptance), on top mercy (manifestation of charity to the fallen, to the offender). God is in the centre, it corresponds to the image of Christ. The human soul purification, release from soul sufferings, tortures and indulgence of Gods Condescension happen through resignation, acceptance, repentance and manifestation of mercy by forgiveness.

In such a way a woman describes her state after the ceremony of confession and Eucharist (getting forgiveness): The air becomes unusually pure and you get joy from each breath. All the sounds become melodious and pleasant for ears, the colours become saturated, with shades playing before never noticed, the simplest lenten food wonderfully delicious and even sweet, and satiety comes very quickly. You fall asleep smiling, at once and calmly, wake up smiling, full of strength, cheerfulness, energy. And in the dreams you were in a palace from stone flags, the colour of mantle of little Christ at the hands of Mother of God, stone flags are warm, it is pleasant to touch them with bare feet and palms, goldfishes float in a large stone cups in pure transparent water, the light is soft, even and you feel the state of peace, harmony, joy and feel the showed love of the host of this palace. Let me notice, that the dreams of clients is a photo-report of the persons state, of the inner work done by the psychics and are very important in the existential analysis for a psychologist.

With the feeling of Grace a person lives for some time until again pride (aggression in its any kind verbal, physical, moral, as condemnation, victimhood, unforgiveness, non-repentance) steals into the soul. Once I observed a dialogue in a temple between the parishioner and the parson: Father, helm me, teach me, how to get rid of pride?, reply: Id love to, but I cant I am sinful with it myself, pray, dear, pray…:)

PSYCHOLOGY helps to organize the inner, spiritual life of a person, influencing his intellectual, volitional, emotional processes for the purpose of strengthening the psychics structure through opening the portal from consciousness to the centre of unconsciousness, SELF as a source of unlimited information, accumulated experience and knowledge about the genetic dispositions, about own potentialities of the personality with the purpose of harmonization and self-regulation, usage of this inexhaustible inner resource for self-recovery after the traumas, stresses, renewal of the inner contents, realization of the cause-and-effect relations in ones destiny, innermost needs, self-realization and development in general. That is, from the point of view of psychology, as a science, the centre of unconscious Self is the source and resource of personalitys development and self-regulation. Psychic maturity of a person manifests in the ability to accept oneself, the surrounding reality so, as it is (that is the centre interacts with the border). The ability to ask for forgiveness, forgive, show tolerance to imperfection of human nature, mercy, define oneself in the space-time co-ordinates, the rhythm of ones being, ability to take decisions and be responsible for them, ability to overcome the life crisis, using ones own resources, says about the opening of the portal to SELF.

From the position of rational paradigm, experimental, social, branch psychology, using methodology, instruments, successfully cope with the function of study, establishment of principles of psychological processes, organization of the effective external interaction of a personality with and society, etc. But the opening of the portal to SELF and moreover, the very interaction with personal SELF (as well as interaction of a believer with God), is possible only in irrational, in any case, other theoretic paradigm. Using the methods and approaches of depth psychology: psychoanalysis, existential, transpersonal, humanistic.

The nature of God, as well as the nature of Self, is inexplicable and incomprehensible.
Here happens the intersection of paradigms, religion and psychology.
Their dual interplay happens in a space of human Soul: they mutually dont exclude each other, but mutually supplement, one cant exist without another (as matter and consciousness, male and female, waves and corpuscles, as micro- and macro-world). Entering the depth of ones own soul through the portal of psychology, a person can exit through the portal of Belief and vise verse.

Part 2

Description of personal state after the ceremony of confession and Eucharist it is not the state of religious ecstasy (anomalous perception of reality through hallucinations of psychogenic aetiology), and it has nothing to do with the renewed, fresh, sharp perception of the world the first greenery after a long winter, taste of food for a hungry person, life after recovery of mortally diseased person (with soul or body)

Love to God it is unconditional parents-children love unshadowed with being. That is why it is Pure.

In reality love of a child to the parents becomes darkened: they love me or express their love not as I want, to as much as I want, not when I want (partial block for love). In definite life circumstances it (unconditional love) is blocked by consciousness completely, as the parents left their little child (for grandmothers upbringing, in the five-day week kindergarten, etc.), abandoned, beat, humiliated thats consequence of psychological traumatic experience.

As a result:
Partial or full block for love FROM PARENTS THEY DONT LOVE ME with preservation of normal flow of love TO PARENTS I LOVE.
In this case, at the unconscious level love exists (mutual genes, connected by the common field, love each other), and at the conscious level block for love from parents.

So, neurosis happens.

It is expressed by:
- neurotic substitution of the figure of the gender partner (more often) for the figure of a father or mother because of unsatisfied need in unconditional parental love conscious or unconscious, destroying the relations, demanding from the partner love me as I am, because I love you.

If partial or full block for love TO PARENTS in the form of I DONT LOVE with preservation of normal flow of love FROM PARENTS THEY DONT LOVE ME (at the unconscious level unconditional love to parents, at the conscious level no), so, as a consequence substitution neurosis which is expresses in emotional dependence I love despite everything, as a result of unsatisfied need in unconditional child love to parents.

If partial or full block for love in both directions: FROM PARENTS and TO PARENTS in the form THEY DONT LOVE ME. I DONT LOVE neurosis of loneliness (impossibility to establish, build up close relations, create a couple, etc.)

In love to God a person gets absolute satisfaction in unconditional parents-children love, absolute satiation in depth need to accept oneself hence, conciliation, soul comfort, unshadowed joy of being.
As a baby in mothers womb.

Unconditional love of a mother and unconditional love of a father are different. Mothers confident liberal (I love my child any), fathers exacting (show yourself in successes as a member of kin!), as he didnt bear his child in womb and there is some doubt is he/she my child?
In their proportional combination the pledge of psychological health of a child.

Sometimes, one of the parents takes the function of this and that love because of the absence, removal or degradation of one of the parents. And in this case it is necessary to adhere to proportions. A mother, bringing her child alone, but proportionally combining liberal and demanding love can absolutely provide psychological comfort and health for her child.

Mother of God just loved her son. And God Father lead his Son, Christ, through Calvary? Loving Him, believing, that His Son will cope with it for the sake of rescue of sinful human souls, fulfilling his predestination.

Not once did Christ doubt the love of God-Father and Mother to Him, even crucified at the Cross. And, because of love to God-Father, derive the strength from Mothers love, humbly bore the ordeal, redeeming the not penitential sins of humans, so that by Gods Mercy he could get forgiveness for people, showing example to them of Belief and Love. Christ Resurrection from the dead this is the act of Forgiveness, opening future and manifestation of Gods love Father to His Son.

Sometimes the clients say: How can I forgive my father/mother for ?! or how can I forgive my mother, she let the father !?, and I give them this example and say: As well as Christ forgave his God-Father and His Mother. Its easier to forgive a stranger.

Such a method turns out to be very effective for removal the block for love to dear people and from dear people, for launching the mechanism of forgiveness basically, removal of aggression of the people-believers, believers, but not-practicing, liberally disposed towards religious world view, sometimes even atheists (perceiving the image of Christ as mythical, but a very authoritative character?).
The Act of Forgiveness, to my mind, is the medicine, instrument, phenomenal event, allowing to restore the continuity: past-present-future.
It has insight, cathartic character. And any insight is the very contact with Self.
If the continuity exists and is kept by the inner work, by the purification of the soul, the portal to Self (self-repairing and self-regulating system) of the personality, from the point of view of science and through Belief in God, from the point of view of religion, remains open, fulfills its function, connecting past, present and opening wide perspective for a persons future according to his goal, needs, tasks.

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