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My articles

These scientific-publicistic articles are the results of the large practical experience, analysis, empirical and real conclusions and observations, that were laid upon the already worked out theoretical material.

This is how I see this or that problem, this is my understanding of the concepts and approaches.

I express deep gratitude to the founders of the art-therapeutic trend – A. Kopytin and fate analysis trend Vladimir Jos in Russia, who was my first teacher in this sphere of psychology, communication with who contributed a lot to the establishment of my professional approach.

The translated articles:

  1. August, 2012 - “Accept movements of your soul… The autumn rain is the precursor of spring”
  2. September, 2009 - "Religion and Psychology"
  3. August, 2009 - "Love and how to be happy in a couple"
  4. April, 2009 - "Vessels"
  5. November, 2006 - "Fate analysis"
  6. October, 2006 - "Dual unity - illusion or reality?"
  7. September, 2006 - Tibetan mandala in modern psychology
  8. June, 2006 - "International marriages reality of the modern society life"

Articles, that will be translated in English soon:

Topics to reveal:
  • the role of the father in first years of life of a daughter, influence on her feminine fate;
  • importance of forgiving a father to harmonize the fate of the women;
  • drawing the analogy between a man’s, womans gamete and behavior of the grown ups;

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