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Svetlana Lavender - the author:

- the author and coordinator of “THE SOCIAL PROJECT “LAVENDER” FOR ADULTS”

- the author and designer of “THE MATRIX OF DATING SITES “LAVENDER” in Russian, English and French languages for adults

- the author of “PRINCIPLES OF THE IDEA OF SAFE ACQUAINTANCE THROUGH INTERNET IN RUSSIA AND WHOLE WORLD FOR THE ADULTS”, as an alternative of the idea of dating on the sites of general use

Presentation of my professional and personal view and approach

Svetlana Lavender
Gender psychologist, fate analyst, art therapist, Member of the Art Therapy Association of Russia.

“I have my first high biochemical education and 11 years’ work in the medical sphere. The second education is psychological and private practice of gender psychologist, with the specialization of art therapy and fate analysis.

I think, that peculiarities of my education (natural scientific and humanitarian) provided me the opportunity of deep understanding of a person as the totality of physical and psychological origin. Personal and social experience allowed me to create and realize such successful project, as the Agency of Social Service “Lavender” in 1996. It offers two basic and complementary services: acquaintance and psychological consultation.

The creative activity lies in:

  • the service of acquaintance (for singles, divorced, widows and widowers) combines with psychological approach to a personality (the methods of deep psychology, fate analysis);
  • the date bank of willing to get acquainted within safe and comfortable space is constantly increasing, first of all with people who applied by references or commercial (TV, respectable magazines, regional newspapers – where “Lavender” has constant departments), secondly, with people who applied for psychological support in the solving of problems connected with personal life (after the divorce, after the loss of spouse, feeling of loneliness in this period of life);
  • the approaches in psychology that I use (the methods of deep psychology, psychoanalysis, fate analysis, art therapy) in the best way suit people who have current necessity to create a couple, or just interested in the perception of their individuality, personal development and building of harmonic unit;
  • people can receive offers to get acquainted not only within the city, but also European countries, the USA and other highly developed countries (together with drawing up of the documents for a visa and organization of the meeting).

Namely, this approach I came to know in France during my practice in the private cabinet of an experienced psychologist, who I consider to be my teacher, friend and master, wonderful psychologist, personality, a true Frenchwoman aristocrat, who can be undoubtedly related to the concept “the salt of French nation”.

I want to add with joy, that all my true partners abroad (agency directors) are my personal friends, people of higher education, honor, decency, spirituality and nobleness. As a rule, they combine this business with advocacy, psychological or medical practice. We are all united by the idea of creating an effective structure that helps people, who are searching for their second half, including the use of modern technologies. Working in two directions, though intersecting, but absolutely different (acquaintance and psychology) demand professionalism from me, broad outlook and understanding of the problem, as well as special knowledge.

Mastering the languages (English, French), rich traveling experience around Russia and abroad, experience of living in France and Great Britain, understanding of the mentality of European residence as well as Russian ladies and the routine of work of consulates, of receiving visas, mastering effective technologies – all this helps me not only organize the work of the managers to render the service of acquaintance, but also completely control it, achieving maximum efficiency.

I am descendant of ancient Russian nobility, and referring myself to Russian creative intelligence, Russian prestige in the world, respect to Russian ladies, acknowledgement not only of their outward beauty, but also of their originally Russian Slavonic qualities: rich spiritual inner world, inner purity, orientation toward family values are very important for me, as well as, preserving all these peculiarities, integration of Russia, Russian culture, Russian people with European, world system.
Thus, the web site fully agrees with these principles and tasks.

Ican responsibly say that practically every foreign gentleman who applies to my site and agency realizes his desires.

Purposive, profound specializations of the methods of deep psychology attached to the Tomsk State University and in Saint Petersburg, communication with the colleagues-psychologists from Great Britain, Norway and France on the problems of: personality, fate, transfer of psychic information through gene structure of a person, cause-and-effect relation in patrimonial lines of people and other close topics, long-term daily practice of individual psychological diagnostics and psychological correction of people who have a designated rage of problems, makes it possible to maintain professional level, and the analysis of the results of work (according to destinies of people who got psychological help) allows to speak about the efficiency of the offered service and its demand.

I would be glad to contact with my colleagues, psychologists, sociologists, who are interested in discussing gender problem, problem of searching for a dual partner, as one of the most vitally important questions in the life of any person. And I will be happy to invite you as my guests, colleagues from any country here in Barnaul, in our region with Siberian unique beautiful nature.

You are welcome!

If you have question, contact me

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