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RECOMMENDATIONS for foreign guests coming to Russia, Barnaul, Agency Lavender

(given for a stay period in the city) for those who paid for Meeting in Russia, Barnaul with your lady (with or without a document for your visa in Russia)yellow price 3.

We send these recommendations for foreign men, who are interested in coming to Barnaul for meeting and getting acquaintance with the clients of my agency. The planning of these recommendations is motivated by the fact that until now some foreigners still have not full and sometimes negative opinion about Siberia. These recommendations make the meeting with your woman beautiful and comfortable.

Important peculiarities

(The full information is given a month earlier before your arrival)

1. Weather broadcast. Month, temperature, given a month earlier before your arrival.

2. Itinerary (from your city up to Barnaul) recommendations: the cheapest fees, change of the airport and other.

3. Significant information about the transportation of your luggage in Russia and out of Russia.

3a. Your behavior in the international airport Sheremetyevo in Moscow (your safety and comfort).

4. Way of dressing. (given a month earlier before your arrival, according to season).

5. Communications: ways of connections, prices, right ways.

6. Some Russian peculiarities.

7. Money: Rate exchange, peculiarities of the currency, rubles turning in Russia, types of payments for various services.

8. Shops: prices, peculiarities, quality, timetable.

9. Restaurants and cafes: classification of the restaurants, peculiarities, menu, recommended dishes, types of payments, how to have a dinner in a restaurant of elite class for cheap, the prices for coffee, alcohol and food.

10.Transport in the city: prices, routes.

11. Recommended places for spending time together in Barnaul: in the city and in the country, prices, location, and peculiarities.

12. If you want! Trips out of city: (5 hours’ trip driving out of city).

The trip is made on a jeep in the mountain for 3 days and 2 nights escorted by the director of the agency (one person is driver, interpreter and guide).

Hotel. Price of the room (single bedroom with large bed, living room and good shower) in such a hotel is about 70 euro, including mini bar. Should be booked in advance.

The hotel presents – comfortable separate cottages from natural wood (for each couple or person). Every cottage has a hall, a bedroom, shower. Also you will find fridge, video, iron, climate control, the house secured by signalization and everything you need for your comfort.

The hotel is comfortable, small and romantic (the level of comfort and service is ****) in the mountain area with picturesque Siberian nature: savage nature, pure mountain rivers, covered by unique forests with wild animals and special greenery, warm mountain lakes, where you can swim and bath.

By the way, you can order in the restaurant a cooked game, deer, wild pig, bear, goats, hunting on which is licensed in the mountains, local delicious fish, just taken from the rivers for dinner.

A traditional Russian cuisine, that is good for health, is offered from ecologically pure local products in the restaurants in the mountain hotels. For dinner you can order wild berries, mushrooms from the local woods, vegetables and fruit, grown by the peasants on their farms in that very area.

For breakfast a wonderfully tasty tea from the local herbs and berries is served on the table made on fire, and also a fruit drink made of fresh local forest berries. The breakfast consists of several starts, and 2 main dishes and sweets.

In the evening, there is a visit of traditional Russian banya (combination of hot steam, massage with a birch broom and bathing in the ice river or snow!). After that you have a cup of fragrant herbal tea. It will give you unforgettable feelings and understandings of Russian traditions and national color.

The price for visiting banya per 1 hour is 15 euro for all persons.

During the trip you will go sightseeing, attend mountain cathedrals, nunneries, chapels, churches in solitary mountains. You will see sayings with rocky pictures made by ancient people, get to know the traditions of little and unique mountain nationality, that are close to the culture of Tibet, you get to know the life of Siberian peasants.

As a present from the agency in such trip the couple gets a bottle of good wine and a lunch on the bank of the river (with Russian caviar, French cheese and another delicates)!

During that trip, the couple has a chance to get to know each other better in a natural and supporting atmosphere and fill their first meeting that brings bright and wonderful emotions and impressions.

May be this romantic atmosphere will help you become closer to each other and you will remember it for life as a start of your life and a happy unity.



The agency guarantees good service, help in some problems while your staying in Barnaul.

It is easy, comfortable and surely with us!

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