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Membership price lists

You get the service of high standard, our prices - without middlemen, adequate to the service provided.

You remember, that every lady, placed on the website, passed a personal interview in the agency, we identified her personality, we have copies of her documents and we made sure of her motivation for acquaintance with a man abroad for serious relations, for love, for family.

Price list 3. Organization of the meeting with your lady in Russia, in Barnaul, in other countries and paper work for tourist, guest or fiancee visa - for members only


Type of service


economy class

business class


Meeting in Russia, Barnaul with your lady (with or without a document for your visa in Russia).

Full package


€ 450

$ 377.34


€ 800

$ 700.77


Meetings in Barnaul with several ladies, that you have taken interest to in the catalogue, with or without correspondence beforehand.

Full package

€ 500

$ 539.05

€ 850

$ 916.39

The prices can be increased for the service during holidays in Russia.

We give a 20% discount for gentlemen who had already bought the agency service that cost more then 1000€/1400$! The discount is given when you are in Barnaul (that is we return to you the discount sum depending on the cost of the chosen service). Please, Contact us, to identify your status.


Meeting in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some other countries through a lady's tourist, guest or fiancée visa

giving to you important information



Meeting in the European countries of Schengen Agreement through a lady's Schengen guest visa

Full package

€ 350


Meeting in the European countries of Schengen Agreement and no visa entrance countries through a lady's tourist tour

Full package

€ 250


Preparation of the documents for fiancée visa and international marriage on the territory of your residence

Full package

€ 600

Price list 3.1. Additional service - during the meeting in Russia, Barnaul - for members only

Name of the service




€ 10 / $ 10.78

from 9:00 till 19:00 (at working days)

€ 20 / $ 21.56

from 19:00 till 23:00 (at working days) or any time on Sunday or Saturday

Car hiring

is not recommended, can be dangerous in Russia

Transfer airport-hotel or hotel-airport

€ 50

all days except Sunday (a day off in the agency) and holidays in Russia


1st day program


€ 130 / $ 140.15

organization of the meeting with your special lady in a nice place in presence of the agency director, simultaneous translation during the meeting (English, French or German), lunch in the restaurant**** (without alcohol), (translation during your meal), a round-up excursion by the director's car, translation, getting acquaintance with the sights of the city, with the nice places where you can spend your time together for coffee, meal and other, desert in the bar****, getting acquaintance with the agency, transfer to the hotel

Transfer of a lady to her home

€ 30 / $ 32.34

Transfer of your special lady, who sees you off to the airport.

Romantic country trips with your lady

20 km far from Barnaul

(5 hours spending)

by agency director's car


€ 150 / $ 161.72

All included

A picnic near the Saint curing spring: Russian village, Orthodox cells, temple of St. John the Baptist, made of wood by Russian craftsman, crying of weeping icon of God's Mother, lunch in the nature - tranquility!

100 km far from Barnaul (2 days, 1 night spending)


by agency director's car


€ 550 / $ 592.96

advanced booking

All included

Miracle-Hotel** in Russian style: a ship in the forest, free atmosphere, a river, Russian bania, riding the troika, wooden raft going down the river, fish soup from starlet, fresh mutton, dances, music, wild Siberian nature - beautiful!

300 km far from Barnaul - the Altai Mountains (3 days, 2 nights)


by agency director's car


€ 1100 - € 1200 /
$ 1078.11 -
$ 1293.73



advanced booking

All included

Accommodation in the hotel****. Russian style, simple and refined, marvelous restaurant and cuisine, 2 meals, Russian bania. Calm, respectable, comfortable rest, excursions, wild nature, mountain river.

Or accommodation in the hotel*****. Hotel in the style of a castle on the island, surrounded by the mountain river. Luxurious hotel, with Armenian coloring. Wonderful bania (sauna), swimming-pool with cascades. Rooms in Empire style.

For details go to - «Important Recommendations for Gentlemen, coming to Russia».

The prices can be increased for the service during holidays in Russia, as the prices for accommodation in the hotels are higher, and depending of the rate of exchange.

Photo catalogue of the hotels in the mountains for romantic trips. Please, contact us for information.

Please, inform us what additional servise you would like to take and you will get the payment details on your personal e-mail.

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