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Meeting in the European countries (guest visa)

Meeting in the European countries of Schengen Agreement through a lady’s Schengen guest visa (yellow price list 3)

Your Russian lady has an opportunity to come to these countries only if she has one of the Schengen visa: guest, tourist, working or student, or fiancée!

We do not talk about a work or student visa. (I have no information about it, I only know that it is very-very difficult and it can be realized only with the goals of work or studying).

You can meet your lady on the territory of the European countries of Schengen Agreement through a ladys tourist visa .

You have an opportunity to invite your lady in your country to your home through a Schengen guest visa, that is given for 1 month.

However, 95% of Russian ladies, moreover residents of Siberian Region, do not know about the work paper for getting this guest visa, where to apply to, the peculiarities of consulate work, etc.

All the consulates of the countries of Schengen Agreement are situated in Moscow (Moscow-Barnaul – 4 hours flight), so, Siberian ladies cannot apply there to find out. On the web sites of consulates the information is not full and not efficient for a guaranteed getting of a visa.

The difficulty is in the fact that every consulate of countries of Schengen Agreement has its own peculiarities and requirements.

Our advantage is in the fact, that we know the legal way and opportunity for a Russian lady to get a Schengen guest visa.

I sincerely recommend you to take this service.

As it is a complicated and many level process. If your couple makes it by yourself, you can overcome many difficulties and spend much money, time, nerves and emotions and in the end not meet. Even working with it for many years, every time I see a new individual situation, that requires knowledge and experience.

The service includes:

-consultations for gentlemen and ladies on their following actions concerning the paper work for getting a ladys Schengen<

-preparation of the ladys documents;

-coordination of the schedule, route, air tickets, work of the consulates;

-previous and then more precise (after the dates are determined) calculation of your expenses on the travel, economy, but comfortable way;

-purchase of the air tickets and insurance policy.

The correspondence with you concerning the organization of the meeting is held in English, French or German.

Please, let us know about your wish to meet with your lady, at least 1,5-2 months before the panned date, if the lady has a foreign passport, and 3 months before, if she does not. These terms are determined by the necessity of paper work.

With us it will be quick, comfortable, economy, safe!

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