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Meeting in the USA, Canada, Australia

Meeting with a lady on the territory of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some other countries (Great Britain, Japan and etc) through a tourist’s, guest, fiancee visa. (yellow price list 3)

Your Russian lady has an opportunity to come to these countries only if she has one of the visas: guest, tourist,working or student, or fiancée!

But it is impossible for single (including divorced and widowed) Russian ladies because of the visa politics of consulates in these countries.

-The consulates of the named countries in Russia do not grant a guest visa to single Russian ladies. There is a chance to get a guest visa if you know each other in person and if you had already met your lady personally at least twice. However, the guarantee is no more then 30%. You may spend a lot of money, time, but the lady will not get a visa and fly to you.

-Also the consulates do not grant a tourist visa for single Russian ladies. Probably, it is to avoid illegal immigration.

We do not talk about a work or student visa. I have no information about it, I only know that it is very-very difficult and it can be realized only with the goals of work or studying.

-So, there is only one way for a single Russian lady to visit you in the above named countries – a fiancee visa.

The 1 st important condition to get a fiancée visa, according to the consulate latent terms, you also have to meet your lady in person at least twice as well as for a guest visa.

To meet your lady, you can do it in the following ways:

1. Meeting in Russia, Barnaul. Organization of meetings in Barnaul with several ladies , that you have taken interest to in the catalogue, with or without correspondence beforehand. You arrive to Russia.

2. Meeting on the territory of the European countries of Schengen Agreement through a ladys guest visa . A guest visa is given for 1 month and you can live at some house or in the hotel and travel in any of the countries of Schengen Agreement.

3. Meeting on the territory of the European countries of Schengen Agreement through a ladys tourist visa, but in this case you need to buy for your lady a tourist package (tourist visa, hotel, air tickets, medicine insurance and so on). The tourist visa is granted only for about 2 weeks. Sorry, but you cannot buy a tour for your lady in your country as a tourist visa needs to be done in Russia.

4. Meeting on the territory of no visa entrance countries: Montenegro, Egypt, Turkey, Arab Emirates, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, the Ukraine, China. But to go to these countries for your meeting, you need to buy for your lady a tourist package (hotel, air tickets, medicine insurance and so on). Max term of the tour is about 3 weeks. Sorry, but single Russian ladies cannot simply buy a ticket and come to any no visa entrance country, she can come there only in the tourist group.

The second important condition to get the fiancée visa: your whole period of any type of communication should be not less then 12 months (from the beginning of your correspondence).

The third important condition is that you should really love each other and have a desire to build a family. In the consulate you will have to show the evidence of your relations.

So, for getting a long-term fiancée visa by your lady you have to have min 1 year of communication and 3 meetings and true feelings. If you full fill these conditions and also prepare the documents for fiancée visa and international marriage on the territory of your residence in order, your lady has about a 100% guarantee to get the fiancée visa! She comes to your country to you and you begin your new life together, wedding, family…!

The paper work for obtaining a fiancée visa in the countries above named takes approximately 6-12 months.

You will not see this information on the official websites of the consulates, but without this 2 conditions unfortunately your lady will not get a fiancée visa.

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