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History of Agency and Web Site

From the very first day of its foundation in 1996 Agency "Lavender" started to work in two directions at once - International Matchmaking and Dating service in Russia, Siberian region, city of Barnaul. Go to paragraph Agency staff.

International Matchmaking Service.

Because of remoteness of our region and naturally lesser opportunities for communication, acquaintance, search for life partner, this kind of service became very popular among women 18-55 y.o. In 1997 Svetlana Lavender was taught this business in France and completed partnership agreement with the agency «Latitude-Est» (territory east), Madam Sentice in Lyons, where certain approaches in work organization with clients were mastered and accepted to be realized in the city of Barnaul. Madam Sentice combined psychological practice for lonely people, who had gone through painful divorces or become widowed, with proposals for acquaintance. Her work included psychological support and appearance of new, life perspective for a personality. Such approach turned out to be very successful and effective. The very approach is realized here in agency "Lavender".
Madam Sentice coming to Barnaul, 2002        Madam Sentice working in Lyons at her office
Then agency of Mona Gagnaire in Nantes, France became our partner; agency "NZ" of Peter Key, New Zealand and Australia; agency of Patrick Tessier, France and others.
Mona and Aurelia Gagnaire
In 2004 "Lavender" became the official regional representative in Russia and partner of one of the world leaders in dating service «R.T. Inc.» - the USA. To be placed on this their popular web site first of all ladies from Siberian region have to pass an interview with "Lavender" staff . This is guarantee of safety both for gentlemen and ladies.

In November 2006, Thierry Denarie visited us with cooperation proposal. He noticed, that "Lavender" is well-known and popular in France and has already got reputation of a reliable partner. The agreement was concluded and marked with a glass of champagne. Thierry Denarie, with aristocratic manners, having his own business, took interest in noble idea to help people find their family happiness.

                                                                                Cooperation agreement signed
In November 2007, Virginie Guiboud-Ribaud, intelligent, energetic, responsible, with lucid ideas and kind heart came in Barnaul. The partnership agreement was concluded.
                                                                                  Virginie in agency "Lavender"
Women, who go to France for their first meeting have support and guarantee of safety from our partners' side.  
In December 2007, "Lavender" launches its own international matchmaking web site in English and later in French languages. The site is created with great sympathy and respect to Russian women, who sincerely wish to find their happiness, love and consider it possible to have family with men from other countries. We guarantee reliability of the given information and safety for men and women. In order to preserve confidentiality of ladies' private life - access to it is not available from Russia. Many gentlemen from Europe, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the RSA waited for this site.
Traditionally the agency continues to cooperate with countries, where Christianity predominates. However, recently, Russian ladies began to show interest in dating gentlemen (as well as gentlemen pay interest, respect to our culture, Russian ladies) from countries having religions typical for Far Eastern cultures (Buddhism, Lamaism, etc.), and consequently our clients have proposals from China, Japan, Philippines, India, UAE.
The world is changing and we change together with it. "Lavender" contributes to understanding, acceptance of other cultures, religions and at the same time keeps originality, love and respect to native cultures on the part of Russian women as well as men from different countries all over the world. Love erases all the boundaries. Launching of the web site attracted great interest and we have received a lot of proposals to cooperate with well-known foreign agencies and also wonderful testimonials and gratitude from different countries.
In August 2009 an agreement was concluded about the collaboration with the leading French agency “Dessous Les Etoiles” under the direction of Monsieur Michel. From the first days the high tempo and rhythm of work were taken. Every month clients from France come for acquaintance with “Lavender” clients. Michel – an intelligent, creative person, with university education, the owner of an art gallery in France.
Almost 100% of men and women, who get acquainted with the help of our agencies, contract marriages.
Good job! Wonderful results!

Monsieur Michel with his wife Tatiana (ex-citizen of Russia)

Dating service in Russia, Siberian region, city of Barnaul.

Since 1996 about 6000 people applied to the agency from Barnaul, region and other cities of Russia.
"Lavender" has branches in Irkutsk since 2005, in Alma-Ata since 2006, in Ulyanovsk since 2007, in Novosibirsk since March'2009.
 The head of Ulyanovsk branch - Svetlana Ribnikova - in agency "Lavender", November 2007.
The head of Novosibirsk branch - Galina Basuk, April 2009.
  Agency staff. 

An important contribution to the development of the agency was made by the people, who have been working here in this or that time. Among them: Nadezhda Gaidukova, Evgenia Romanenko, Olga Marishina (worked with French agencies), Veronika Yarunicheva, Olesia Rauzeb (worked with English-speaking countries).
In many respects due to their energy, professionalism, excellent mastering foreign languages, devotion to their job, the agency dynamically developed and gained the reputation of a reliable professional agency.
Inna Vdovina - senior office worker, works sine 2004. She is a leader, professional and creative person. Owing to Inna, precise system of agency work, interaction with clients has been improved, new technologies were mastered, certain tactics and strategy was worked out, that turned out to be very effective and contributed to well-organized and coordinated functioning. Besides, Inna is the operator of the three agency web sites.
During organization of meetings with foreign men and also in correspondence (up to 100 letters a day) Victoria Fandrikh helped the agency staff. After graduation from Barnaul university Victoria works in international airlines "S7" in a large Russian city. Work during three years and excellent recommendations, which she got while settled at her new job, contributed to her successful career.
By the way, Nadezhda Gaidukova and Lubov made careers in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

In May 2004 the agency moved to a comfortable, spacious office in the centre of the city. At this time wonderful girls worked there, Nadezhda Gaidukova as a senior office worker, Evgenia Romanenko and Olesia Rauzeb.


In 2006 the agency moved to its own office: well-equipped, beautifully arranged, convenient, in the centre of Barnaul.

In 2006 agency "Lavender" celebrated its tenth anniversary. We invited our friends, reporters, television, all, who help to create positive image of the agency, and thus, helped people make first step towards their meeting with a beloved person.
The agency staff ordered cake with trade mark of agency "Lavender"
Since 2007 Yulia Pichugina works with French-speaking agencies. She masters wonderful French, good English, ability to be concentrated on work, responsible attitude to her duties and clients.

"Lavender" secretary Tatiana Gerter has great deal of duties and responsibilities (the first secretary was Inna Nifontova), as she coordinates work will clients, correspondence, organizes the rhythm of agency work. This is a good start for her career after she finishes the university. Her responsibility, ability to find contact with clients arouses respect and gratitude from their side.

So, in the agency you will always be warmly welcomed, understood and respected.  
An the end of 2007 the citizens of Barnaul chose the agency, as one the best organizations, that provide social and personal services for people, by SMS-voting, appreciating quality of work and popularity among the citizens. The administration of the Altai Territory presented the agency with a diploma.

The agency “Lavender” actively takes part in charities and regularly gets gratitude from the Barnaul Municipal Social Fond of Public Assistance & Support.  

Since 1 October 2012 Dmitriy Makarenko has become the agency director. Svetlana Lavender remained the author of sites and, the author of matrix of these sites and the author of the international project “Lavender”. Svetlana Lavender plans to open a private psychological office in Moscow, and also invites women of Moscow and European part of Russia and their profiles will be placed on

 Dmitriy Makarenko - director of the agency "Lavender", Svetlana Lavender - the author of the international project “Lavender”, 2012.




 Alexandra - director of agency and site development, Svetlana Lavender - the author of the international project “Lavender”, Dmitriy Makarenko - director of the agency "Lavender".



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