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It depends on us: how we live, with who we live, where we live, what for we live.

“Dear Gentlemen!
Today we publish the reviews of our clients, photos and stories of our new couples, who gave their consent. It is absolutely evident that no explanations required to these photos. Happy, full of tenderness eyes, radiant smiles speak for themselves – these people have found their love!

Men – living in Russia, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, France and our women, not long ago – citizens of Barnaul and other cities, aged from 25 to 65. In their time they went through loneliness, divorces, despair, disappointment, unbelief in future, and now they and their children are happy!
Their happy changes in life became possible due to, first of all, their wish to be happy, to love and be loved.
Men from Europe and other continents overcame not only thousands of kilometers, but a cold stereotype of perception of Siberia. Afterwards they all admit that it was a bit frightening: “What awaits me there?!”. And women worried most of all about the impending parting with the Motherland, dear people and relatives. But finally, both made sure that all this was easier, because Love helped them to overcome everything!
Indeed, we create the pattern of our destiny ourselves. And the professional agency “Lavender” helps everybody, who is ready to build their own destiny and happiness.”

Svetlana Lavender

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25 July 2013

Tatiana (Nik: 3748) applied to the agency on the eve of New Year, 15 November 2012, in the hope of meeting a man from Russia or abroad. Our client from France, Jean-Yves, replied after some time for the agency inquiry-offer concerning acquaintance with Tatiana.
His first letter was received 13 April 2013, regular correspondence continued about 2 months and already 3 June Tatiana left Barnaul for Moscow to obtain guest visa. The agency prepared all the documents for the visa and selected travel itinerary.
8 June Jean-Yves met Tatiana in the airport «Charles de Gaulle». Tatiana got acquainted with Jean-Yves’s family, his life. The French man made presents, organised little trips about France. Tatiana went to visit her son in Denmark…
Time went quickly and 8 July Tatiana returned home in Barnaul. Now they continue communication, call each other, plan their next meeting in August.
We wish you understanding, success and happiness!


20 March 2013

After 4 months’ correspondence and communication by Skype, Ralf (German, 49 y.o., 174 cm, 77 kg, specialist in a European bank, divorced, two daughters) arrived in Barnaul on a Women’s Day – 8 March 2013 for a meeting with Larisa (Nik: 1644
). Mutual attraction, knowledge of English helped them get along with each other. Ralf liked a lot the Siberian beautiful woman and he invited her to Germany for May holidays.

First meeting in the agency – 8, March 2013

siberian russian women


3 January 2013




28 December 2012

"Hello to everybody! Happy New Year! Larisa and Ludovic"

25_12_12.jpg 25_12_12-1.jpg


16 August 2012

14 August 2012 we received a happy letter with words of gratitude and a photo from Natalia (Nik: 1562):

“Good day! 4 August 2012 our wedding took place. That’s why at present I am a happy married woman))). I am very grateful to you for the experience and knowledge, which I got in your agency. With great respect, Natalia.”

Natalia, thank you, we wish you happiness.
Yours Lavender.

********************************************************************************************************************************************** #98
11 August 2012

The Olympic Games took place in London and we have our own records. A beautiful, smart woman attractedthe attention of a man from Swedenon “Lavender” site and he came to Barnaul. Personal meeting showed that probably this choice “hit the mark”.
During the romantic trip in the mountains they felt attraction to each other. Every day they found more and more similarities in their interests, habits, ways of life. Two beautiful, smart, striving for self-development and self-cognition, persons, choosing active, sports way of life, met!

He beautifully courted: ordered Skype communication, bunches of flowers, presented precious adornment of original hand work, ordered romantic trip to the mountains.

Barnaul and "Lavender" agency helped them find each other!

“I am happy that such interesting, many-sided, charming personalities and many others come to “Lavender” site. Communication with such people enriches the mind, heart and soul. Acquaintance with other culture through other person broadens the limits of consciousness and world. In the mountains, where I had organized the romantic trip of this couple, the man from Sweden got acquainted with a Russian musician – Igor, who had lived and worked for a long time in Spain. As Igor, same as our guest, spoke Spanish besides English, they quickly found common language and just on the path of the rocky precipice of Katun river they made a spontaneous concert, playing by turns different musical instruments. They performed repertories of Russian folk melodies, Spanish and Argentine melodies. It was so exciting! The music, touching our hearts, noise of the mountains river, the mountains themselves, view of the convent – all united in one harmonious picture. Svetlana Lavender”

We congratulate you with the wedding, which took place 22, December 2012! We wish happiness in your new family life!

3 August 2012

31 July, 2012 Olga (Nik: Olga1645) came to the agency and said these warm words:

“Dear Svetlana, Tanya and Inna! Thank you, due to your work, your participation I have met a man with who I feel myself happy and beloved! Thanks to communication with you, Svetlana, I began to look at myself, my life in other way, I have changed a lot and consider that the very inner changes had led me to this event. Once again thank you all a lot, I wish you prosperity and to help lonely people more and more, as you have helped me, for long, long years.”

Thanks, Olga!


1 August 2012

Nik: 3402 and Nik: 925 live together for already 2 years, but they let us know about it quite recently… and it’s understandable – a man and a woman tried their feelings…
They decided to stay together forever. We wish you happiness!


20 July 2012

18 July we have got a letter from Jean-Noël (France):

"You are the person of high quality with your heart, to be more precise…!
The decency of your agency and your staff is without any doubt… I have always had great trust to you, don’t worry! I want to be just, reading your letter… it’s very beautiful that you have written for me… THANKS!
Your French is excellent....!.!.! If I could express myself in Russian what I can in French, I would be the happiest person on the planet !!
I GREET you with dignity, as well as the wonderful persons working for you!!!"

Thank you, Jean-Noël!


3 July 2012

After correspondence during 6 months Emmanuel invited Nik: 1670 to France and 26 May 2012 she went to visit him for a month by a guest visa. The young people fell in love with each other.

Nik: 1670 saw that love, mutual understanding and mutual support prevail in the family where Emmanuel lives – father, brother, grandmother. The ancient house with a large garden and a donkey, lamb and pony peacefully walking there, calmed down the look by its simplicity and provincial romanticism.

Probably all the environment and situation in general allowed the feelings and emotions to open and in the second half of the trip Emmanuel and Nik: 1670 already chose a house for their future life together. Emmanuel made precious presents for his beloved woman...

But... Time and certain conditions parted them. The young beautiful woman chose career in Moscow and Emmanuel decided to continue search for his second half.

Good luck to you, dear friends!


27 June 2012

27 June we received a message from a man(Sweden) on our site:

"... My intention is to find a woman who I want to start a family with. I studied your website and I will with this letter start a contact with your company. I have read much of your website and also seen your videos on your company's services. I have become convinced that you are serious... "

Thanks, our dear friend!


27 June 2012

23 June we received a message from Mark (USA) on our site:

"Hello Svetlana, I read all of your articles very impressive I have just now joined up on your site, pleasantly surprised you are an art therapist my sister also is an art therapist in America....there are not many...enjoyed your articles. thanks Marc"

I wanted to let you know that you as a person give off such sophistication and an aura of great inner strength. I am sure you have heard this before, but there is something within you which is very special, a gift that we only get from a higher power. You should be very proud of your works and accomplishments there is such depth that many people do not understand. It is works like yours that make the world a better place and sharing these insights to the world is your special gift.
Again thank you I hope my writing you is not a bother, but just wanted you to know there are people that are inspired by the type of work you do, keep up the good work.
Thank you,

Thanks, Mark!


26 June 2012

Japan became closer!
Mr. Nakata invited N. (Nik: 3438) to Japan 14 June 2012. Personal meeting confirmed their mutual liking, which appeared during short, but deep, sincere correspondence. Interest to traveling, learning other cultures, traditions, love to children, nobility of their professions (N. is doctor, Nakata - teacher) brought them together. Smart, beautiful, intelligent young woman, speaking freely English, was conquered by romantic, decisive, generous without limits, caring, attentive, attractive Japanese man, by the respect which Nakata manifested to Russian culture and towards N. She fell in love with Japan from the first sight, where nature, ancient architecture and culture harmonically combine with ultra-modern technologies. Nakata tried to show the most beautiful places of Japan and of course hot springs. At the beginning of autumn they will go to a trip to France, and than to Barnaul. Nakata dreams of seeing our Altai Mountains, which N. loves so much.

“Japanese children are just wonderful!” – says N.

Kimono is so beautiful! But the size is small))
It’s really very comfortable in kimono!

Yes, really, thanks to N. and Nakata Japan became closer and dearer.

In august 2012 Nina and Nakata made a romantic trip to Paris in France, came back together in Barnaul to get acquainted with the parents… We wish you happiness!


26 June 2012

The story of Ludmila (Nik: Ludmila1470) and Didier in testimonials 45. 25 June 2012 we received one more happy letter from France:

“Hello the girls from agency “Lavender” and Svetlana. I am sorry I am late with my reply – I rarely go to Internet.
This year is very happy for me – 5 February I gave birth to my son. We named him Mathéo André Mikhail – Matvei in Russian. 2,5kg and 48cm of pure happiness. Now he is almost 5 months.
Everything is fine with me and Didier. I am on maternity leave and he works. In July we will go on holidays in Britain. We wanted to go to Russia, but the doctor said that it will be hard for Matvei – too big time difference. I am sending a few photos for you.”

Luda, Didier, thank you very much, that you share with us your happiness. We wish your son a happy and bright destiny, health. He is rich – he has two homelands: Russia and France!
Yours "Lavender"


12, June 2012

Olga ve Metin kalmay birlikte ve bir aile kurmak!

In august 2011 we received the profile of Metin from the Turkish partner agency. Olga (Nik: Olga1642) was attracted at once to this serious, modest man, but in whom she felt the core, decisiveness and to whom she quickly felt trust after first letters and video communication. Metin was charmed by this charming, smiling young woman with light eyes, face with Slavonic traits with light curly hair framing it. She felt respect towards Olga as she at once started learning Turkish language and already in two months she could communicate with Metin without the interpreter, finding simple, but understandable phrases and words. The wish to meet appeared right away, but the meeting was postponed, as Metin had serious problems at work and in spring the agency staff even started to doubt weather the meeting will take place, but Olga believed that Metin told truth and didn’t doubt even for a split second.
You were right, Olga, that you didn’t doubt in your choice and in this man! Metin turned out to be a very worthy man, with European views on life, wide world view, interesting, generous, very caring and serious. After the death of his wife, he felt deep loneliness and he submitted to the fact that he would be alone. The meeting with Olga gave him hope for happy life with this wonderful Russian woman – beautiful, smart, independent, spiritually and morally mature.

Turkey had friendly met the Russian beauty. They are happy and decided to stay together forever! They choose a house at the sea coast where they will make their “nest”. We wish you happiness!


19, April'12

The story of Larisa and Ludovic in testimonials 38,50,78
. Today we received new photos from them.

Happy father and mother with their little daughter.

November 2012
Ludovic and Artem. Summer of 2012 in Armenia.

Dear Larisa and Ludovic! We congratulate you with the birth of your baby and individual gratitude for these wonderful photos! Thank you for your trust, gratitude. With all our hearts we share your happiness.
Yours Lavender


18, April'12

In 2009 Natalia (Nik: Natalia3524) applied to our agency. She had correspondence and several meetings with our clients from Europe in Barnaul. Men noticed her beauty, intelligence, style, high level of up-brining and culture, but romantic feelings didn’t appear either from Natalia’s or from the guests’ side. She set out her business, went in for sports much, learnt English and at the beginning of 2012 she concluded a new contract with the agency “Lavender” and very quickly drew attention of a young architect from Turkey – Volkan … “Lavender” together with the Turkish partner organized the correspondence and Skype of Natalia and Volkan.
During distant communication they liked everything in each other. They made up their minds to meet. Volkan paid for Natalia’s travel to Turkey.
This warm, beautiful, hospitable country impressed Natalia a lot, as well as its citizens of the capitols – Istanbul and Ankara. Volkan’s family – friendly, intelligent, hospitable people treated her with love and care. Volkan showed to her a lot of historical sights of Christian and Muslim cultural heritage.
The guest lived in Volkan’s house, and he went to live in his mother’s house, keeping the traditions of his country, but Volkan took her for the breakfast, which his mother cooked, and
they had diners and suppers in numerous Turkish restaurants with national cuisine.
Natalia fell in love with this wonderful country, its culture and traditions. They haven’t yet decided who they would be for each other, but it’s absolutely obvious these young man and woman enriched their lives, destinies, hearts by this meeting.

Natalia and Volkan communicated by Skype in the office of the Turkish representative of “Lavender” branch.

In such a way Natalia and Volkan saw each other for the first time at the site "Lavender".


11, April'12

Today we received a letter from Dave. The beginning of the story of David and Svetlana in testimonial 32
. Here is the letter:

“Dear All at Lavender,
It is now 7 years since my Svetlana and I first met in Barnaul in 2005.
Our first meeting was every bit as wonderful as both of us had hoped it would be. Of course, we had been corresponding for quite some time before that and felt that we knew each other pretty well already, but that first meeting was something special.
We married in New Zealand in December 2005, and speaking personally, it was the best thing I have ever done.
Since then our relationship has gone from strength to strength so much that I truly feel that it was a match made in heaven.
I want to acknowledge all the help and kindness shown to us by Svetlana Lavender and her team. I unreservedly recommend as a genuine and professional service, without which my Svetlana and I would never have met.
Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart....
Yours sincerely
Dave Wisternoff”

Svetlana Lavender’s response for Dave:

"Dear Dave,
Thank you very much for warm words! From time to time in my work it’s important to hear such words.
Unfortunately, we can’t help absolutely all applied to us, but I can say with joy, that each year more and more happy couples appear, men and women who have found each other in “Lavender” space.
For 16 years of work we had noted only 3 divorces among international marriages, and there were hundreds of them. It also seems to me sometimes, that the heavens patronize us and through “Lavender” God and the Saints unite some people. It’s amazing that young, and middle-aged, and older people have happy marriages.
Dear Dave and Svetlana, thank you that you don’t forget us and thank you for the photos, which radiate love and happiness, peacefulness. Probably, for someone they will become the ray of hope and encouragement.
Thank you,
Yours Lavender"

The beginning of their story - testimonial 32.


17, March'12

24, August 2011 Emmanuel saw on our site a charming eastern beauty - Nazgul (Nik: Nazgul1317). She responded with sympathy as well, and after 6 months of correspondence Nazgul went to France for personal acquaintance with Emmanuel and his family.

Nazgul works in St. Petersburg, she practices the art of hair-dressing. That is why Emanuel has equipped an office for her in his big house, with mirrors and all needs to do hair-dressing for visitors. Emmanuel's family: father, mother, brothers and grandmother were fascinated by a modest, beautiful, friendly girl. They surrounded her with their attention and affection.

They are young, full of hope and wishes to be happy…, but further communication showed, that they have different images of happiness… Nazgul loves city, rhythm and dreams of career in a capital, and Emmanuel loves life in Provence, his patrimonial estate and he is happy with his work. They remained friends and grateful for each other and “Lavender” agency for the meeting. Emmanuel and Nazgul, thank you!
Yours “Lavender”


1, February'12

Jacky filled in the form on the site 14, July 2011 and at once started correspondence with several women, in which he showed himself as an open, inquisitive, many-sided person, loving France and treating Russia with respect and interest. Already in December 2011 “Lavender” agency organized Jacky’s coming to Barnaul and meetings with the ladies, who he corresponded with.
The women of “Lavender” communicated and got acquainted with charming and positive Jacky with pleasure. It was easy for them, as Jacky speaks some Russian. Well done, Jacky!

Jacky and Elena (Nik: Elena1606).

Jacky and Marina (Nik: Marina1625).

Jacky and Elena (Nik: Elena3407).

Jacky and Vera (Nik: Vera1586).

Svetlana Lavender introduced Jacky to interesting persons: Christoph – a French man, who settled in Barnaul and opened business, and also to the head of private school of foreign languages. They offered to Jacky a job of a partner and teacher of French.
All the women, who Jacky met here, were friendly and hospitable. As it was time of Russian Christmas holidays, they invited him to their homes and families.

Irina (Nik: Irina3424) invited Jacky and Christoph to her house for dinner, laid the table by the fireplace. She treated them with Russian cuisine of her own cooking, and Jacky with Alsatian wurst.
The women, who Jacky got acquainted with in the agency, invited him for Christmas holiday and accompanied him in skiing, all was full a fun and kindness.

Olga (Nik: Olga1619)
organized a friendly trip, down-hill skiing for Jacky in one of the regions of the Altai Mountains on her own car. They stayed at her friends’ house who were very hospitable and treated Jacky generously in a Russian way.

A hunting restaurant on the way to the mountains.

Down-hill skiing station.

Siberian extreme.

Russian women won’t let a French man become frozen:))) (it's a thermos with hot tea with forest herbs).

Siberian coloring.

Christmas angel made of ice, center of Barnaul.

Jacky was astonished with Russian winter, the weather pleased -3,-7C. White, fluffy snow, mixed forest (pines, birches, Siberian pines, firs, mountain ashes) near the city and wonderful ski route, where Jacky skied every day. Just in the forest tea with herbs and lemon, made on the fire, pastry and biscuit are offered for free for the skiers – it also astonished and pleased Jacky. He said: “The Europeans shouldn’t be afraid of Siberian winter, in a dry climate the frost isn’t felt, but it only refreshes. Siberia is a modern region with wonderful infrastructure and very dynamic! Barnaul is a beautiful city with pleasant, kind and positive citizens – I’d love to stay here to live!”
Jacky left in January 2012, but he promised to come back. Come back, Jacky! Now you’ve got a lot of friends in Siberia.


16, January'12

"Thank you for your kindness and your patience, all the agency staff.
Cordially, Manuel"

Thanks, dear Manuel!


29, December'11

For the first time Julien (France, Paris) visited the agency from 7 to 14 June 2010. He came again 18, December 2011 and left Barnaul 23, December 2011.

Here is his testimonial:

«thank you for your compliments: I love Russia very much: history, kitchen, nature, language, and the really educated Russian women» …
«and thanks to you and your agency which allowed us to meet each other» …
«Thanks a lot for your job and the job of your secretary Tatiana
I think you are very professional» …
«thank you for your job and your assistant

Thanks Julien!
8, December'11

"Thanks for your help and assistance in my search for love...
I've never seen your agency before, but everything looks professional -
I hope for success!

Thanks Brent (the USA)!


24, November'11

Margarita (Nik: Margarita3106) and Didier met in July 2011 in France. They had spend three happy weeks and made up their minds to to be together forever. In January Didier comes to Barnaul again to spend Russian New Year and Christmas with Margarita’s relatives.

In such a way Margarita and Didier have seen each other.

The first meeting in the agency 25, October 2010.

The meeting in the agency 5, April 2011.

The romantic trip to the Altai Mountains.
A toast to love during the trip to the Altai Mountains with “Lavender”.

Didier shows to Margarita the historical and cultural heritage of France during her coming in July-August 2011.

The engagement in Russia - January 2012.
Sincere, decent, unusually charming, loving Didier conquered Margarita’s heart. During a year he paid for French lessons of Margarita and here is long-awaited reward – they communicate in French.
Didier makes a proposal to Margarita in the presence of her relatives and friends. Margarita told us with a happy smile: “It was so unexpected for me that I had nothing to do but agree”.

A happy couple!

Dear Margarita and Didier! We congratulate you with marriage registration, which took place 2, March 2013 and wish you happiness! Yours "Lavender"



22, November'11

Olga (Nik: Olga3520) and Bernard met in October-November 2011. Bernard showed himself as a considerate, caring host. He treated to Olga with the dishes which he cooked himself. Olga was also kind and caring with him and made a sincere present – she knitted warm socks. Two intelligent persons understood each other… They made up their minds to remain friends and wished each other to find true love.

The story of their first meeting and testimonials 74.


21, October'11

The story of Ludovic and Larisa (Nik: Larisa1383) started in winter 2007 – look testimonial 38 and their wedding photos 50.

Today Larisa shares her joy with us. Today we received a letter from Larisa:

"Thanks for everything!! My dear people !! everything is fine with us !! I am pregnant it’s so wonderful ! on the photo there are my friends at our garden ! all Russians. Thanks God for everything!!"


7, September'11

Larisa (Nik: Larisa1548) and Pascal began correspondence in January 2011. The letters were rare and were more friendly like. The translation of Pascal’s profession into Russian sounded like “landscape painter”. Larisa asked him in her letters to send to her the photos of the pictures, but he didn’t, and only when she came to France, she understood that Pascal is “landscape designer”. Pascal couldn’t understand how he can send his works:)).
The agency prepared documents for Larisa’s visa and in August they met. Smart, tall, attractive, charming Pascal turned out to be a very tender, caring, kind man, successful professional, he tried to make Larisa feel comfortable in France.

Pascal’s town.

The salad, Pascal cooked for Larisa.


23, August'11

good morning
thank you for this small message for my birthday.
It has been a year since we are married and we are very happy
I apologize for not having given you our news earlier.
Mark and Irina"

Thanks! Their stories with photos
and testimonials 56, 39.


30, July'11

The story of Gilles and Oksana (Nik: Oksana3461) started in January’11 (testimonial 71). At the end of July, Gilles came to Barnaul for acquaintance with the family of his beloved woman. 28, July this wonderful couple visited agency “Lavender” with words of gratitude.

Here is Gilles’ testimonial:

“Thanks a lot for your work, for a remarkable meeting with the woman of my life. I feel myself the happiest man of the world. Thanks, Gilles”

"Thank you for high appreciation of the agency work, for the flowers. Your happy faces are the best reward for us!" S. Lavender

Dear Oksana and Gilles! We congratulate you with marriage registration and wish you happiness!
We congratulate you with the birth of the baby!
We wish her a happy, bright destiny! Yours "Lavender"


28, July'11

Olga (Nik: Olga3520) applied to the agency in November 2010. Bernard (the citizen of France, teacher) client of "Lavender' partner “Dessous les Etoiles” in France of Michel Ganjoueff, visited «Lavender» agency, Barnaul from 20 to 26 July’11. Olga and Bernard felt mutual sympathy. In October he invites Olga to visit him in France and get acquainted with his relatives and his country.

Here is Bernard’s testimonial:

“Good day,
A small e-mail to say to you that I was delighted to meet you. I spent very good time in Barnaul, the time better than in France.
I pointed out that you are the agency very serious, organized, efficient and working in a very good atmosphere. In short, you are the very professionals I love :)) …
I’ve always dreamt to meet such a woman as Olga – tender, calm with caressing tranquil voice. I’ll do my best to make her happy. Thanks Lavender!”

Here is Olga’s testimonial:
“I’ve dreamt of such a man for all my life – willful, intelligent, responsible, with a tender and kind heart.”

Thank you! We wish you happy continuation of your meeting!


11, July'11

Manuel, the citizen of France, client of "Lavender' partner “Dessous les Etoiles” in France of Michel Ganjoueff, visited «Lavender» agency, Barnaul from 15 to 21 February’11 to get acquainted with women. Attraction appeared between smart, interesting, serious French man and Olga (Nik: Olga1624) and in June he invited her to France to visit him. Olga came back home full of wonderful impressions, Manuel was caring, friendly, considerate. At day-time he worked and all the evenings they spent together. Olga cooked dinner, put the thing in order in the bachelor’s house. They often went for sightseeing around France, Spain, visited Manuel’s family. Everything was fine and they decided to remain friends.

Life is life… Olga and Manuel are ready for new acquaintances, to find a person for family, for life.

Here is Manuel’s testimonial:

"Good day, Svetlana!
I would like to say to you some words first of all.
I want to thank you for everything, for your reception, for the way you and the employees of your agency were occupied with me, I consider you very nice and very professional, a very interesting woman and it is very nice to converse with you;
I will always remember the week that I spent in Barnaul, I had meetings with wonderful women - kind, beautiful and with a very particular charm, my story with Olga1624 is finished, she is an adorable woman but we are not one for the other, I hope that she will find the man of her life …
Thank you, Svetlana.
Friendly, Manuel"

Thanks, Manuel!

Olga's photos in France.


13, June'11

Svetlana (Nik: Svetlana3435) went to France (in May-June) by Francois’s invitation, after 4 months’ correspondence. He did everything to please Svetlana and to make France attractive for her. He was astonished with her beauty, charm, spontaneity and was very thoughtful, caring and tender. The meeting confirmed the attraction which arouses in correspondence. They decided to continue relations and to meet again in September 2011.

Here is Svetlana’s testimonial:

“It was a wonderful trip! Lots of impressions. France is an unusually beautiful country, the French people – are very nice and friendly. Francois gave me care and consideration. Thanks for the excellent organization of the travel and preparation of the documents for visa.”

Thanks, be happy!

********************************************************************************************************************************************** #71
13, June'11

After an interesting correspondence during which Gilles won the sympathy of the beautiful, smart woman (Nik: Oksana3461), Gilles invited her to visit him in France, he was charmed by Oksana seeing her at the site and in correspondence. Their personal meeting confirmed mutual attraction… both felt – this was the beginning of a bright love story. They stay together.

Here is Oksana’s testimonial:

“Thanks a lot, “Lavender” agency! Now I feel myself very happy, beloved and loving.”

Thanks, be happy!

New testimonial of Gilles and Oksana 75.


1, June'11

Jacky, the citizen of France, client of "Lavender' partner “Dessous les Etoiles” in France of Michel Ganjoueff, visited «Lavender» agency, Barnaul from 25 to 30 May’11. He found Aruna (Nik: Aruna1598) the woman of his dreams. She came from Kazan to meet him in Barnaul. Attraction to a pleasant, open in communication French man appeared at once and the liking turned out to be mutual, romantic trip to the mountains confirmed it. Jacky surrounded Aruna with care and romantics, invited her to France in summer.

Here is his VIDEO testimonial. Thanks, be happy!

Romantic trip to the Altai Mountains – organized by “Lavender” agency.
(By comfortable car, with director, Svetlana Lavender - the interpreter, guide)

The first meeting in the agency “Lavender”, 25 May'11.

10 November 2011 Jacky and Aruna registered their marriage!


21, April'11

Jean-Louis, the citizen of France,
client of site “Lavender” and “Dessous les Etoiles” in France of Michel Ganjoueff, living near Paris, visited “Lavender” agency, Barnaul from 29 March till 11 April 2011 for personal acquaintance with the young women, he took interest at the site “Lavender” and with who he had correspondence beforehand.
He found the woman of his dreams! Jean-Louis offered a wonderful gift for Natalia
romantic trip to the mountains. This is a very beautiful and nice couple. To continue relations Natalia will go to France to Jean-Louis in summer.
The noble, attractive, generous, romantic, intelligent, lively French man did everything to win the heart of the Russian beauty.

Here is Jean Louis’s testimonial, thanks!

«Good day Svetlana,
I arrived ok home, the trip was a bit long, but comfortable.
Thank you and your staff for your professional work and your great resources. You can be really proud of your job.
Thanks once again, you succeeded in your mission for Natalia and me. Bravoooo
Very friendly,

Romantic trip to the Altai Mountains, middle of April – organized by “Lavender” agency.
(By comfortable car, with director, Svetlana Lavender - the interpreter, guide)

********************************************************************************************************************************************** #68
23, February'11

«Dear Svetlana, Inna and Tatiana!
I’d love to thank you for an interesting party, organized in restaurant “Classics”. Entertaining program, refined cuisine, and the most important – the company of worthy and interesting people, made me distract from daily cares and really enjoy festive and cozy atmosphere of the wonderful evening. Evgenia.»

Thanks Evgenia! (Nik: Evgenia1609)

********************************************************************************************************************************************** #67
16, December'10

, the citizen of France, client of “Lavender” partner “Dessous les Etoiles” in France of Michel Ganjoueff, stayed in Barnaul in “Lavender” agency from 22 till 29 November 2010. The agency organized meetings and acquaintances with 10 young women.
As usual, as other foreign gentleman, he admired the beauty of Russian women, beautiful manners, charm and dignity, but still only when he met Yulia (Nik: Yulia1572) his heart said: “That’s she!” In March by Dominique’s invitation Yulia will go to France to get acquainted with Dominique’s family, country, which may become her second motherland.
Yulia and Dominique, we wish you happy continuation of your meeting!

The first meeting of Dominique and Yulia in the agency “Lavender”, 22 November'10.

In 2011 Dominique and Yulia registered their marriage! Our congratulations!

********************************************************************************************************************************************** #66
10, December'10

12 November 2010 Galina and Gerard called the agency from New Zealand. The story of this couple 4.
Galina phoned to share how her new life with Gerard in New Zealand is settled now, they are together for 2 years already. She apologized that didn’t write to us, because of lack of time, but she remembers “Lavender”, remembers Barnaul. Together with Gerard they plan to come here in summer 2011 and they will certainly drop in Lavender. I asked Galina: “Are you happy with Gerard?”, she said: “Let me ask Gerard!” and I heard her wonderful English in the receiver: “My sweetheart, Svetlana asks if we are happy with you?”. Gerard’s load, cheerful voice said: “Yes, tell her I am happy with you, my darling!” It became warm and calm in my heart – really, they are happy:).

Galina told me, that she likes to live in this country, Gerard helped her to find job in the laboratory, she if responsible for preparing instruments for researches, works several hours a week, and every month has a good salary. She said, she bought a car from her one-month salary and she was surprised that Toyota in New Zealand cost very cheep.
Galina’s son visited her, he was astonished with the city of Waimate, with the nature, climate, the Russians are respected there, and considered to be more hardworking that New-Zealanders, enterprising, interesting. She said she remembered and loved Barnaul, but her home is the place where she is now.
Measured, calm, well-to-do, full of relations warmth, interesting life… Galina said, she is appreciated at work, as criterion of cleanness is higher at the Russians, than New-Zealanders. Thanks, Galina, for your call, sharing your happiness, we wait for you in Lavender in summer, your happy destiny is the result of your choice and openness for changes, for new life!

********************************************************************************************************************************************** #65
2, December'10

“Good day! Bravo for your site you make me trust and I trust you fully to help me build my life with somebody and basically with your compatriot. I fixed at some of the hopeful profiles and I believe they will be still here when I will make a step to go to them. I am being recovering after loosing, and I think I will be able to come during 2011, I needed to tell you this because I highly appreciate your state of mind and your way of exploring the gender relations. Talk to you soon. Friendly, Dominique France”.

Thanks, Dominique!

********************************************************************************************************************************************** #64
3, November'10

Svetlana (Nik: Svetlana1517) got acquainted with Didier, citizen of France, during his stay in Barnaul, agency “Lavender” from 25 October till 1 November 2010.

Here is Svetlana’s testimonial:
“I am grateful to the agency for acquaintance with Didier. He is a wonderful, intelligent, nice person. I was very pleased that he spoke favorably of the city of Barnaul, of our region and Russian people. Thanks to Svetlana Lavender for remarkable organization of the trip to the Altai Mountains!”.

Here is Didier’s testimonial:
“Once again thanks, it’s really a very nice region, I’ll certainly come back here next spring. I love Siberia, the Altai region and the agency. Have a nice end of the day and good day for all the agency,
Cordially, Didier”

Didier and Svetlana during the trip in the Altai Mountains – organized by “Lavender” agency.
(By comfortable car, with director, Svetlana Lavender - the interpreter, guide)

Didier takes pictures of the mountain river, the Altai nature at the end of October.

Sights of the hotel “Crown of Altay”, where Didier and Svetlana lived.

Swimming-pool in the hotel after Russian bania.

********************************************************************************************************************************************** #63
29, September'10

Dear Tatiana and Erve!
Our congratulations with your weeding! We are very glad for you and thank you for your sincerity, openness, gratitude! We wish you happiness for all your life!

Many thanks for all attention which you are giving to us for already 2 years!
I will be in Moscow from 23 till 30 October to bring Tatyana & Anghi in "the castle of a thousand and one night" at last!!
See you soon, thanks for all that you have done for us!!
Cordially, with my warmest wishes for you and all your team.

Wedding of Tatiana (Nik: Tatiana3119) and Erve, Moscow, 31 August 2010.

To view all the weeding photos.

The beginning of their story in testimonial 31.

********************************************************************************************************************************************** #62
24, August'10

1, August Elena (Nik: Elena3241) went to Francis by a guest visa; the agency, as usual, prepared the documents.
They decided to spend the vacations from 1 to 22 August 2010 together on the western coast of France, as in the south it was very hot. Long walks along the sea coast, visiting historical places, buried in flowers of ancient little towns, romantic coastal restaurants united Francis and Elena more and more.

The photos will appear in a few days.
The beginning of their story in testimonial 54.

********************************************************************************************************************************************** #61
9, June'10

David, the citizen of France, client of “Lavender” partner “Dessous les Etoiles” in France of Michel Ganjoueff, was visiting Barnaul, “Lavender” agency from 2 till 8 June'10 with the aim of personal acquaintance with the young women, he took interest at the site “Lavender”. David left Barnaul happy! He determined his sympathy and in august 2010 plans to invite the girl he liked to him in France to get acquainted with his parents, home, the country. In august we will place their story on the site.

David expressed words of gratitude to the staff of “Lavender” agency and “Dessous les Etoiles” for wonderful organization, warm-heartedness.
David said: “If some of men from foreign countries needs recommendation to visit Barnaul, the agency, and the words of support, I am ready to give my personal telephone number for contact with me.”

Thank you, David, for your kindness, positiveness. We were very glad to get acquainted with such a man like you are

Contact us for getting
David's telephone number.

********************************************************************************************************************************************** #60
9, June'10

Nastia (Nik: Anastasia1389) applied to the agency “Lavender” in April 2007. She had few offers and meetings (nobody can answer why this happens sometimes). Nastia devoted this time to studies in the university, she worked, developed as a personality and believed in her happiness. She renewed her contract twice and destiny showed generous gratitude towards her …
After three months’ correspondence, Yohan – the citizen of France, client of “Lavender” partner “Dessous les Etoiles” in France of Michel Ganjoueff, was visiting Barnaul, “Lavender” agency from 29 March till 5 April’10 for personal acquaintance with the girls. Nastia and Yohan liked each other, but didn’t realize it at once. After coming back home, Yohan realized, that he can’t forget fragile, blue-eyed, light-haired Nastia, who understood Yohan. At their desire the agency prepared the documents for Nastia’s travel to France in July 2010 by guest visa.

All of July 2010 she spent as a guest at Yohan’s. Nastia got acquainted with his family. Yohan was tender and generous, he paid for prolonged courses of French for his girl and made numerous surprises, courted beautifully, as a real French man.
The wedding of Nastia and Yohan took place in autumn 2010! Nastia’s mother thanked the agency, she is very glad that happy private life of her daughter came right. We congratulate you!

The first meeting of Yohan and Nastia in the agency “Lavender”, 30 March'10.

In such a way Yohan and Nastia saw each other for the first time at the site "Lavender" in December'09.

Dear Nastia and Yohan, we congratulate you with the birth of your child in 2012!

********************************************************************************************************************************************** #59
9, June'10

The story of Marcel and Natalia (Nik: Natalia1546) started in November 2009 (testimonial 53).

At the beginning of June Natalia came to the agency with words of gratitude. She was visiting Marcel in France from 25 April till 24 May 2010. They made sure of mutual affection to each other, Natalia got acquainted with Marcel’s relatives, she liked to keep his beautiful house, she appreciated his care, consideration and generosity in relations with her. Natalia realized that this reliable, wonderful man, her beloved person with who she wants to have family. At their desire the agency starts the procedure of preparing documents for fiancée visa and registration of international marriage.

The wedding of Natalia and Marcel took place 6, November 2010! We congratulate you and wish you happiness!

Marcel organized a romantic trip to Paris for Natalia in spring 2010.

Natalia was charmed with the beautiful landscapes of France and the region, where Marcel lives.

The wedding photo of Natalia and Marcel 6, November 2010.

********************************************************************************************************************************************** #58
5, May'10

Please, get acquainted with Christchurch, New Zealand!
In this city there live a lot of women from Barnaul, who got acquainted in “Lavender” and married men, residents of New Zealand, built families.
The agency thanks them for their grateful letters, post cards and we are always glad to see them in the agency, when they come to native Barnaul.

The view of the city from the hill The view of a street Autumn in the park The park

The park at night The bay at sunset The city at night

In May’10 Elena and David sent us a letter. Thank you, Lena and Dave!
The story of David and Elena in
testimonial 43.

********************************************************************************************************************************************** #57
6, April'10

Yohan, the citizen of France, client of “Lavender” partner “Dessous les Etoiles” of Sir Michel Ganjoueff
in France, signed a contract with the aim of organization of personal acquaintance with the young women, he took interest at the site “Lavender” and with who he corresponded during 4 months.
Yohan visited Barnaul, “Lavender” agency from 29 March till 5 april'10. After 6 meetings Yohan decided and felt that most of all he is interested in communication with Natalia (Nik: Natalia1558). The feeling of attraction was mutual. They spend a romantic week together, Yohan got acquainted with Natalia’s mother, other relatives and close people. Yohan was going to invite Natalia to his home, to introduce her to his family. The agency planned to organize this meeting in France.

But life is life. There appeared discord in relationship. Yohan and Natalia understood, that there is no perspective for them to be a stable couple. They decided to remain friends, thanked each other for the experience gained and for the bright flash of emotions.
They took up their minds to continue acquaintances and seek for relations, which will lead to creating family, love.
Good luck, Yohan and Natalia!

24, March'10

The story of Marc and Irina (Nik: Irina3273) started in May 2009 (testimonial 39).
Marc beautifully courts to Irina, in September 2009 he made a wonderful present for her – romantic voyage to the island Bali in Indonesia. Thank you, Irina and Marc, for the photos from the magnificent island. Your smiles on the photos – the best reward for our work.

Irina and Marc on the island Bali.


3, March'10 Thanks for all!

“Lavender” Agency received a lot of postal cards for New Year with congratulations, with wishes of well-being and gratitude, from men and women, who built families thanks to “Lavender”.
We don’t have an opportunity to place all the testimonials and we heartily thank all our former clients and we are glad for their family happiness.
Here is the geography, from where the testimonials are: France, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Algeria, SAR, Morocco, Austria, Belgium, Indonesia, Russia.


21, January'10

After correspondence during a year, Francis invited Elena (Nik: Elena3241) for Christmas and New Year holidays to France. The agency organized their meeting from 25 December’09 till 10’January’10, the documents for a guest visa were prepared, Francis (according to the agreement with agency) paid for this trip and all Elena’s expenses.
19, January, Orthodox Epiphany, Elena visited the agency and shared her impressions and photos from France. The two lonely persons have found each other! They don’t speak yet about the building of a family, it is important that they are together now. In summer Francis plans to invite Elena at Corsica for a month for mutual rest. And now Elena’s morning starts with his call and tender words. Be happy, Francis and Elena!

Christmas city of Pledran

They are happy together …

Even in winter there is no snow in Brittany …

Francis – gourmet, every day they went to a new restaurant, so that Elena could taste the exquisite French cuisine.

In such a way Francis and Elena saw each other for the first time at the site "Lavender" in December'08.

The continuation of the happy story of Francis and Elena is in testimonial 62.


19, January'10

Marcel, the citizen of France, client of "Lavender" partner “Dessous les Etoiles” of Mr. Michel Ganjoueff in France, visited Barnaul, “Lavender” agency from 14 till 19 January'10 with the aim of personal acquaintance with the young women, he took interest at the site “Lavender” and with who he corresponded during 3 months. The agency organized 11 meetings.
Marcel and Natalia (Nik: Natalia1546) were introduced to each other 14, January. Natalia showed Marcel the city, presented him with warm mittens, knitted by herself, and Marcel was gallant and romantic, inviting Natalia to the best restaurants of Barnaul city, making presents and surprises for her. The language barrier didn’t prevent them from feeling affection to each other and wish to continue building their relations.
At the beginning of May 2010 Marcel plans to invite Natalia to France to introduce her to his mother, brothers and a sister. The agency organizes their meeting in France. Be happy!

The meeting of Marcel and Natalia in the agency “Lavender”, 14 January'10.

In such a way Marcel and Natalia saw each other for the first time at the site "Lavender" in October'09.

The continuation of the happy story of Marcel and Natalia (Nik: Natalia1546) is in testimonial 59.


18, January'10

After correspondence during 4 months and video-communication, the agency organized the meeting of Lionel, France, and Elena (Nik: Elena1532) in Barnaul from 8 till 13, January’10.
Lionel made a wonderful present for Elena, he took the agency service – a romantic trip in the mountains, Elena took care for the warm clothes for Lionel. This romantic trip to the mountains on the background of wonderful winter Siberian nature, purest snow and clearest water of the mountain rivers, hot fire in the fireplace of bania, ecologically pure Russian food, accompanied by the music of Russian romances and chanson ...
Here is their testimonial, thanks!

«Dear Svetlana,
And so I am back in France after these wonderful 5 days spent with Elena… My heart full of hope… I thought I would be very cold in Siberia in January, but there was a beauty who warmed me up. From the first till last moment I saw and I bathed in Elena’s beautiful clear eyes … It was magnificent! Even if we had some difficulties to express our ideas, there was a universal language of heart and since first sight we understood each other with Elena… I have found here a smart, tender, touching, attractive and beautiful woman for my heart.
I hope that our meeting – is the beginning of beautiful story, our mutual life … full of sympathy, empathy and love.
Thank you sincerely, Svetlana, for your gentleness, humanity, sensibility, your love to your work, and of course for the quality of organization, which allowed us to have such a beautiful meeting in most possible, best circumstances… (I will remember our week-end in the Altai mountains and Banya forever!:-)).
Very friendly, I embrace you,

Romantic trip to the Altai Mountains of Lionel and Elena.
(By the comfortable car, with the interpreter, guide – organized by “Lavender” agency.)

Lionel and Elena in the agency “Lavender”, 11 January’10.

In such a way Lionel and Elena saw each other for the first time at the site "Lavender" in September'09.

Elena and Lionel communicated during a year, two times Lionel invited Elena to France. These meetings were filled with romantics, impressions, Elena got to know the country, the life of Lionel which surrounded him. Lionel learnt Elena more and more, beautifully courted, making many surprises, taking care of her…
At the beginning of 2011 year, these beautiful, smart, mature man and woman took a responsible decision to remain friends, keeping deep in heart this beautiful romance and tender impression for all the life.

At present Elena has close relationship with a Russian man - Sergei, who she had also met in agency “Lavender” and she is very happy in her family life, but she remembers always with warmth and gratitude romantic and noble Lionel. France left a tender trace in her heart.


16, December'09

After correspondence during 10 months, Elena (ex-Nik: Elena3164, 28 ans, Barnaul) went to France to meet Herle (46 ans, Marseilles, France) from 21 September to 3 October’09.
Thank you for your warm review about the work of agency “Lavender”.


14, December'09

The story of Ludovic and Larisa (Nik: Larisa1383) started in winter 2007 – look testimonial 38. In December’09 they sent the photos of their wedding, which took place 24, October’09 in France.
Thank you, Ludovic and Larisa! Be happy!


10, December'09

After correspondence during 2 months with Elena (Nik: Elena1433), Kevin (former client of Romantic Tours - the partner of “Lavender” agency) took a courageous decision – to come to Siberia in winter for the meeting. Kevin and Elena met in Barnaul from 6 to 9 December 2009. They decided to stay together. Be happy!

“From the very first minute they felt dear to each other …, in such cases the will of destiny is especially felt. The agency organized a trip for Elena and Kevin to one of the most picturesque hotels on the bank of the river Chumish, with traditional Russian cuisine, Russian bania and riding the Russian troika (three horses harnessed abreast) along the Siberian taiga. Kevin departed 9 December’09 …, but these two don’t feel lovely any more and they have planned their next meeting already. I am grateful for Elena and Kevin for their warm words about the work of the agency. ”
Svetlana Lavande

The meeting of Elena and Kevin in the agency “Lavender”, 7 December’09.

Romantic trip after the acquaintance to one of the most picturesque hotels on the bank of the river Chumish.
(By the comfortable car, with the interpreter, guide – organized by “Lavender” agency.)

In such a way Elena and Kevin saw each other for the first time in October 2009.


20, November'09

We congratulate the happy parents, Natalia and Patrice, with the birth of their baby Anri-Aleksei!
The story of this happy couple in
testimonial #37.
Thank you, Natalia and Patrice! Be happy!

“Hello Svetlana!

We are fine. Our baby was born on 7th September 2009! Everything was ok, notwithstanding my fear to give him birth here without properly understanding the French language – Patrice was present in the end and translated some of the phrases. We called the baby Anri-Aleksei. It was a great joy for grandpa … our son sleeps well at night, eats without even waking up, but at day time enjoys his time ... on the picture he is 2 weeks already and received his French passport. After the New Year holidays we will come to Russia for two weeks to get acquainted with Russian grandma and grandpa.”

"Anri-Aleksei is 2 weeks' old ..."


7, October'09

The story of Albert and Svetlana started in 2007. In the beginning of October’09 they sent their photos of life together and also the words of gratitude addressed to the agency “Lavender”. The story of their acquaintance and wedding photos – in testimonial #30.
Thank you, Albert and Svetlana! Be happy!


It’s Svetlana Serrano writing to you, may be you remember :-)). My husband and I would like to express our gratitude to Svetlana Lavender and all the staff, your helpers, thought more than a year had passed since I left Russia, I think it’s better late than never.
Only now, being here, changing all my life completely, I understood what a great job you do so that the two persons could meet, who could have never learnt about each other existence, but for your work. Thank you for your help in preparing all the documents and papers, you explained everything in details, where to go and what to do, and this is very important, when you come across it for the first time. In any moment I could phone and I knew that Svetlana will help me and tell what to do, I always felt her support. And now I often visit your site, I learn much interesting and useful from Svetlana’s articles.
Now I can definitely say, that I am happy and my husband also, he is wonderful.
At present I look for a job, if I find it I will be happy twice!
In summer my daughter visited us for 2 months, we spent time at the sea for a week, went to Paris and Lyon. Of course, she liked everything a lot.
I wish your agency more and more couples! Albert and Svetlana Serrano.”

“I am happy and my husband also, he is wonderful!”

Svetlana's daughter visiting France, summer'09.


16, September'09

Daughter of (Nik: Nadezhda1543) applied to the agency “Lavender” in 2001. After correspondence with a french man the agency organized their meeting in France, and in 2003 they got married.

Nadezhda's daughter easily mastered the French language and verified her Russian diploma, made wonderful carrier of financier. Bravo! Now this young woman has in her life a beloved and loving husband, daughter and birth of more children is in their plans, interesting, highly paid job, wise, wonderful mother.
Here are Nadezhda’s notes, written in the “Book of Reviews” in agency “Lavender”.

“At the end of 2001 my daughter and I signed contracts with matchmaking agency “Lavender” and 14, February’03 – marriage, in 2005 – daughter was born.
A wonderful, loving husband.
My daughter as if born in France. She completed excellent courses, verified her Russian diploma. She works in a large company. God bless every French woman to achieve such a success.
And all this thanks to the wonderful head of the dating agency “Lavender” – Svetlana – subtle psychologist, unique director with her professional experience. When she saw my daughter for the first time, her words were: “This girl will live in Paris!”
And so, I am 55, on a pension and renewed my contract with the agency. I understood that France is my second motherland, because my daughter, my dear granddaughter and wonderful son-in-law live there.
I am in love with Paris! I feel good and comfortable in France. It is easy to live there!
I believe in myself, my destiny and nice ladies – the staff of marriage agency “Lavender”.
My sincerest words of gratitude for the devoted leader – Svetlana!
Prosperity and good luck to you!
With sincerest gratitude – Nadezhda.”


4, August'09

After correspondence during 1,5 years, the agency "Lavender" organized the meeting of Ludmila (Nik: Ludmila1470) and Didier in France in April’08. In a year, after the packet of documents was prepared by "Lavender" agency, Ludmila went to Didier through the fiancé visa and their wedding took place 4, July’09.

Here is their testimonial, thanks Ludmila and Didier.

“Hello Svetlana and agency staff. Unfortunately, I have no Russian keyboard, that is why I write in Russian with English letters. It’s me Ludmila and Didier. Our wedding took place 4 July – everything was just wonderful, we are very happy and thank you for this! I called Natalia and Patrice (testimonial # 37), now we often communicate. I already speak French though with mistakes, drive car and have found a job. Next year we will come to Barnaul to get acquainted with my family. We wish you prosperity – owing to you more couples appear in the world. Mila and Didier.”

You are great, Ludmila! You are obvious acknowledgment of the simple truth – a person creates his destiny himself, using the opportunities, which surround him. Be happy!

Ludmila’s visit to Didier in April 2008.

The wedding photos of Ludmila and Didier – 4 July 2009.

In January’10 Ludmila and Didier sent us a nice New Year postcard with warm words. Thank you!

In such a way Ludmila and Didier saw each other for the first time in 2006.

The continuation of their story - testimonial 90.


30, July'09

Je tenais à vous témoigner ma gratitude pour le sérieux et le professionnalisme de votre agence: accusés de réception systématiques des mails, réponses dans des délais toujours très rapides.
Oui, c'est rassurant de solliciter des conseils ou des renseignements auprès de votre agence.
Bonne journée

Ex-Nik: Francis (59 ans, Plédran, France)

Electronic translation:

“Good morning,
I wanted to manifest you my thankfulness for seriousness and professionalism of your agency: systematic acknowledgements of receipt of mails, answers always very quick.
Yes, it is reassuring to solicit advice or information to your agency.
Have a good day

Ex-Nik: Francis (59 y.o., Plédran, France) Thanks, Francis!


15, July'09

After correspondence during a year, the agency “Lavender” in August’04 organized the meeting of Elena (her former Nik: Elena907, 39 y.o., Novosibirsk) and Dave W. (53 y.o., Christchurch, New Zealand) in Barnaul and their romantic trip to the Altai Mountains.

Arrival of Dave in Barnaul in August’04.

In spring 2006 Elena and Dave celebrated their wedding.

Elena’s daughter, Sophia, moved together with her mother. She studies in the university, has a lot of friends, this wonderful island has become motherland for her.

Here is a beautiful romantic love story of David and Elena W., thanks Dave and Elena:

"Our story starts at about mid 2003 after I made contact with the Lavanda agency in Barnaul and I selected a pretty girl called Elena to write to. I well recall Elena telling me about the Siberian winter and how cold it was and I marvelled that people lived in this climate. We wrote regularly over a long time, exchanged photos and gifts and got to know each other very well.
Occasionally we had phone calls and whilst we didn’t always understand each other it was a lot of fun and it was great to hear each others voices from so far away.
Things progressed well so I arranged to visit Elena in Russia. Svetlana, the director of the Agency, arranged my invitation documents, arranged an English speaking guide for a tour of Moscow on the way through, met me at the airport and booked me into a nice hotel in Barnaul. It was an exciting moment to meet for the first time and Svetlana helped as our interpreter when needed. She also took us for a trip to the Gorni Altai region for a holiday in the mountains which was a fantastic experience.
All too soon our time together was over but we knew that we were right for each and would eventually be together forever. I returned twice more and we made arrangements for Elena and Daughter Sofia to come to New Zealand on a visitors visa to see whether they would ultimately be happy to live in New Zealand.
Everything went well and during Easter 2006 we were married in the gardens of our home in Christchurch. Soon after this the girls had to return to Russia as their visas were due to expire but over time we obtained Limited purpose and Student visas and they came back to New Zealand for good. They now have residency, Sofia is in her 3rd year of High School, Elena has been working and we are a very happy family unit.
In June 2009 we will return to Russia as a family and spend time with relatives and friends and of course we will visit with Svetlana at the Lavanda agency.
I can highly recommend that if anyone wants to be sure of dealing with a trustworthy agency then they should look no further than Lavanda. Dave W."

Dave, Elena and her daughter, Sophia, in New Zealand - St. Valentine's Day - 14, February'09.

"In July’09 Elena and Dave came to Russia to visit relatives and friends. Dear Elena and David, we are very grateful to you for visiting “Lavender” with your words of gratitude and presents. We appreciate your friendly favor on us. Dave proved his love, having mastered the Russian language almost perfectly during just a few years, what surprised us a lot, and now Elena also speaks fluently English.

Elena and Dave in the agency "Lavender" 15, July’09 during their visit.

And here is the postcard from David and Elena:

Thank you, Elena and Dave, for your warm-heartedness, friendship. Your happiness warms up and shines as the sun for many people. This couple is ready to provide with information and support morally the women, who plan to get acquainted with the foreign men, create families." Svetlana Lavande

In such a way Elena and David saw each other for the first time in 2003.


10, July'09

After correspondence during 6 months, the agency organized the meeting of Olga (Nik: Olga1428) and Pierre in Paris from 10 to 23, August’08. In March’09 Olga and her daughter visited Pierre. They decided to stay together forever. Then the documents for the fiancee visa and marriage registration were prepared conjointly with “Lavender” agency. 23, August’09 Olga left for consulate and France. 13, October’09 she obtained the fiancée visa and arrived to Pierre. Our congratulations!

Here are their impressions, thanks. Be happy!

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to “Lavender” agency for understanding and consideration to the client. I am very happy that once I came here and now I have found my happiness, my love, though before I didn’t even hope, that here I will get acquainted and fall in love. I sure, here I have found my love and very very happy. Thanks Svetlana Lavender and the agency staff for the help in everything: from the first meeting to organization of the meeting, that will allow me to be with the man, who I love forever. Thank you very much “Lavender”! Olga."

Nik: Olga1428
, Barnaul.

In such a way Olga and Pierre saw each other for the first time at "Lavender" web site in 2008.


30, June'09

Fernand (48 y.o., Aime, France) arrived in Barnaul, “Lavender” agency 20,June till 27, June'09. The agency organized 15 meetings. Fernand and Marina (her former Nik: Marina1278, 35 y.o., Barnaul) got acquainted!

Here is Fernand’s testimonial, thanks Fernand:

The review of Fernand with words of gratitute, written in the “Book of Reviews” in agency “Lavender”.


25, June'09

“Hello Lavender! It’s Yulia R. I hope you remember me:-). I am gradually coming to consciousness after the wedding.
Everything is wonderful !!! thank you very much for everything! I am sending a few photos. In the mid July I will come back to Barnaul for my daughter.”

Her former Nik: Yulia3278, 35 y.o., Barnaul. Thanks Yulia.

Yulia was a client from 2002. She had acquaintances, meetings with men from Barnaul and foreign countries, but only in 2009 Yulia had found her happiness with a wonderful French man – Michel. In different times she made four photo-sessions. Yulia had learn to drive a car, learned the English language. Good of you, Yulia, you have become the master of your life!


4, June'09

Marc M., France, arrived in Barnaul, “Lavender” agency 25, May till 4, June'09. The agency organized 15 meetings. Mark and Irina (Nik: Irina3273) got acquainted and decided to stay together forever! The agency organized their next meeting on the Island Bali in Indonesia from 6 to 19 September'09.

Marc applied for “Lavender” agency on the recommendation of Patrick Teissier – the head of internationally known agency “FRENCH ROMANCE” (, with who Svetlana Lavender cooperated successfully for many years.
Many thanks for Patrick Teissier, that he gave very good references for “Lavender” agency as a serious, successful, effectively working partner.

Here is Marc’s testimonial, thanks Marc:

The review of Marc Martinet, written in the “Book of Reviews” in agency “Lavender”.

And this is Irina’s testimonial, thanks Irina:

""I would like to express my gratitude to the agency “Lavender”. The very word says for itself. Romanticism, sensuality, true beauty. Thank you very much for the work!
The agency director – Svetlana – a very pleasant, sensitive person. Kowtow for her work, for wonderful organization!
I am very happy, that I have found my second half, small, soft heart in the very agency!
The most beautiful cannot be seen or heard, only felt with the heart … "

Nik: Irina3273, Barnaul

Be happy, dear Mark and Irina! Marc with agency "Lavender" staff, May'09.

Romantic trip to the Altai Mountains of Marc and Irina after the acquaintance.
(By the comfortable car, with the interpreter, guide – organized by “Lavender” agency.)

In such a way Irina and Marc saw each other on the site "Lavender" for the first time in 2009.


18, May'09

After correspondence during 7 months, the agency organized the first meeting of Larisa (Nik: Larisa1383) and Ludovic in France from 25, May till 22, June’08. Larisa together with her son visited Ludovic for two times. They decided to stay together forever! 3, July Larisa left for France with her son to get a fiancee visa and 24, October'09 they registered their international marriage. Congratulations!

Here is Ludovic’s testimonial, thanks Ludovic:

"Chère Madame,
Pouvez-vous me dire quand nous pouvons organiser le mariage avec Larisa?
Je vous remercie d'avance pour les explications que vous pourrez me fournir afin de m'éclaircir à ce sujet!
Dans l'attente de votre réponse, veuillez acceptez, Chère Madame, mes sincères salutations.

Larisa's visit to Ludovic in France, Meys in June'08.

In such a way Larisa and Ludovic saw each other on the site "Lavender" for the first time in 2007.


16, May'09

After correspondence during 5 months, the agency organized the first meeting of Natalia (31 y.o., Barnaul) and Patrice Desmaris (43 y.o., France, Perronas) in Germany in September’07, where Natalia went for a business trip, then the arrival of Patrice in Barnaul for Christmas holidays in January'08, which they spent wonderfully in the Altai Mountains. They decided to stay together forever! In February’09, after all the necessary documents were prepared with the help of agency "Lavender", Natalia left for France to get the fiancee visa and register international marriage.
Patrice – farm proprietor, Natalia – qualified zootechnician.

4 April'09 Natalia Kirienko and Patrice Desmaris registered their marriage. Their relations are full of romanticism, feelings, respect to each other.

Today we place the letter from Natalie addressed to the agency.

"Good day,Svetlana,
I am sending the wedding photos, which took place 4, April’09. We are pleased with agency work. Sometimes it was psychologically hard, but talking to you helped a lot. You always organized something, for example, that trip to the Altai Mountains – the put up funds were justified – Patrice liked everything – cottage, bania and skates, that he will never forget till the end of life!...
A girl, Ludmila, called me recently, who is going also to obtain the fiancee visa 23 May, may be we will meet later, it will be great, probably it will be useful for passing anything home…
Most of all we liked about your agency that even if we did something wrong, you never scolded, but always tried to find a way out from the situation!
Thank you for everything, wish you good luck and prosperity.

Former Nik: Natalia1341.

Thanks! You have found each other and are happy!

In such a way Natalia and Patrice saw each other on the site "Lavender" for the first time in 2007.


14, April'09

After correspondence during 5 months, the agency organized the meeting of John (his former Nik: John, 63 y.o., Cape Town, South Africa) and Yulia (her former Nik: Yulia1489, 44 y.o., Barnaul, Russia) on the Island Mauritius from 27, March till 8, April'09.

Here is John’s testimonial, thanks John

"Dear Svetlana,
Happy Easter to you, Svetlana! I hope the Lord will richly bless you and keep you in his love and care.
Our time together with Yulia was wonderful for me, and I hope Yulia enjoyed it as much as I did. Yulia is truly a beautiful and lovely woman!
It has been a pleasure dealing with you, and I thank you for all you have done to assist our arrangements.
Thank you once again.
Kind regards."

John P., Cape Town, South Africa.

The meeting of John and Yulia on the Island Mauritius 2, April'09.


31, March'09

After correspondence during 9 months, in spring’06 the agency organized the meeting of Yannick (58 y.o., Indre, France) and Elena (her former Nik: Elena1332, 48 y.o., Barnaul) in Barnaul. Yannick lived at Elena’s home, went shopping, to the market, with pleasure cooked for the whole family. It was unusual for Elena and very pleasant. Yannick turned out to be very caring and tender. Than the agency organized their meeting for Christmas holidays in France, and in spring’07 the documents for fiancée visa and registration of international marriage were prepared for them.
28 July’07 their marriage was registered. Elena sent us simple words of gratitude: “Thanks. I am very happy!”

Elena and Yannick live happily. Elena’s children live together with them, they study in the university of Sarbon.

In such a way Elena and Yannick saw each other for the first time in 2005.


30, March'09

The responses to the questionnaire.

1. yes;

2. Russian women are lovely and make wonderful wives.

3. 200-300; If it is too expensive people may not bother. Must be competitive with other agencies also.

4. yes;

5. advertisement links in Internet; - on the recommendations of friends, relatives, etc.;

6. via Internet; - through a specialized agency;

7. Internet dating.

8. You must be seen to be reputable and honest and have good references from people that have used your service. I am proof of the success of your agency!

Dave W., 58 y.o., Christchurch, New Zealand. Thanks, David!


17, March'09

The responses to the questionnaire.

1. Yes;

2. Marriage must be mutual, love and respect with man and woman.

3. $100-200;

4. Yes.

5. Internet search engines;

6. A casual meeting;

7. To be able to meet in safety with people of similar likes.

Charles H., 55 y.o., Perth, Australia. Thanks, Charles!


5, March'09

David and Svetlana are glad and ready to give references by phone or e-mail about “Lavender” for all people, who seek for love, but doubt to apply to the agency.

Contact us for their telephone numbers in Auckland.

A beautiful romantic love story of David and Svetlana W., sent to agency e-mail 5, March'09. Thanks David and Svetlana!

"Dear Svetlana Timofeevna,

It is now over three years since "my Svetlana" came to live with me here in New Zealand. She arrived in December 2005, barely knowing even one word of English, but with commendable determination, applied herself to the task of learning the language. She now has a good command of English, and has settled in well to her new home.

Over the past three years, our love has gone from strength to strength, and I can honestly say that establishing contact with her all those years ago, was the far and away the best thing I have ever done in my life.

I cannot begin to thank you for the help and support you showed, firstly to Svetlana in the early days of our correspondence, and then to me when I came to Barnaul to meet her in March 2005.

You once described Svetlana to me as ... "a real Siberian pearl" ... well she is exactly that, and indeed much much more. My children love her, my friends love her, and I love her. She has filled my life with more joy and happiness that I could ever have dreamed possible. She is my life, my love, my soulmate, and my friend ... so thank you from the bottom of my heart ... to you and your wonderful team,

With warmest wishes.
Dave W., New Zealand, Auckland
. Thanks, David!"

David and Svetlana. New Zealand, 2009.

18, August’09 David and Svetlana visited agency “Lavender” with presents and told us thatSvetlana adapted absolutely to life in New Zealand, her children like the country, study there and that Svetlana and David are happy.

Continuation of their story - testimonials 86.


20, February'09

After correspondence during 2 months, the agency organized the meeting of Tatiana (Nik: Tatiana3119) and Erve in Novosibirsk from 5 till 7, January, then the arrival of Erve in Barnaul from 13, February till 7, March. They decided to stay together forever! Tatiana with her children visited Erve in France in june-july'09. They'll spend together the Christmas holidays as well. Their wedding is appointed for June 2010, it will be very beautiful and solemn. Be happy, Dear Erve and Tatiana!

Here is Erve’s testimonial, thanks Erve:

The review of Erve, written in the “Book of Reviews” in agency “Lavender”.

And this is Tatiana’s testimonial, thanks Tatiana:

"I am very grateful to destiny that once I came to “Lavender”, where professionals and wonderful, delightful Svetlana work. With your help my life is painted with water-colors now and I am infinitely happy to have the significant meeting with my Erve. I wish you prosperity, more and more clients and gratitude for your so necessary work."

Nik: Tatiana3119 , Barnaul

Tatiana and Herve during her visit with the daughter in France, summer'09.

In such a way Tatiana and Erve saw each other on the site "Lavender" for the first time in 2008.


28, December'08

Svetlana (her former Nik: Svetlana1302, 42 y.o., Barnaul) applied to the agency in 2006. She had meetings, offers, but only two years later Svetlana and Albert (42 y.o., Pont Eveque, France) got acquainted owing to the team-work of “Lavender” agency and “Accord et a Coeur” agency, France, with Thierry Denarier at the head. Then the agency organized their meeting in France and in a year Svetlana got the fiancée visa and went to France with her child for marriage registration.

Here is their testimonial, thanks Svetlana and Albert:

"Hello LAVANDA! We congratulate you all with New Year! Wish you love, good, luck, soul comfort. Thank you for all you have done for us! Alber and Svetlana S."

The wedding photos of Svetlana and Albert - summer'08.

In such a way Svetlana and Albert saw each other for the first time in 2008.


9, December'08

It is good that your site allows not only to see the photos but also to chat with video. You know I liked her on the photos, but when I saw her video reel and especially when I talked to her on-line and see her at the same time, I think I fell in love with her! Of course, she doesn't know English, but your interpreter helped us very well to understand each other as if we both talked one and the same language! I am sure we should meet, may be the next year... Now I know I won't be disappointed!

G.P., Glasgow, U.K. Thanks!


27, November'08

Good day, Svetlana! I am coming to Barnaul for Christmas and New Year holidays. Your service seems very professional and I would love to meet there a few nice girls for future correspondence and meetings. Hope to cooperate with you and your agency successfully and with a great result! I will try to follow all your recommendations.

Sean, Taranto, Italy. Thanks, Sean!


11, November'08

Hi! Would love to thank you for all your help and job you do. I especially appreciate that you not only helped me to find my love and happiness, but also helped us with all the documents and other procedures to get fiancee visa and at last register our marriage!
Thank you!

Mike, Washington D.C., USA.
Thanks, Mike!


24, October'08

Dear Svetlana, I thank you for helping me to meet finally the wife of my dreams, and which I will be able also to make happy, I am sure

H.D., Lorient, France
. Thanks!


10, October'08

Hello agency!

Hope you are fine and making you job! Sehr gut! Your ladies are really nice and sexy. I come to you for New Year and hope to meet a lady for me and get married soon. It’s high time for me:)!
See you soon.

Robert, Austria. Thanks, Robert!


13, September'08

Hello Svetlana,

Thank you for this information. Thank you very much for your advice regarding my involvement with a younger woman. You are very professional, and have an outstanding website. Your response to me has been prompt and very courteous. You have some very lovely ladies on your site... If I learn of anyone needing your services, I will certainly give you an excellent referral. If I have the opportunity while I am in Barnaul, I will stop by your agency and thank you in person. I hope this has not been a serious inconvenience for you.

Leon J.,
Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA. Thanks, Leon!


10, August'08

Si la vie est construite de rencontres, j’avoue que celle partagee avec l’agence LAVANDA de Barnaul est ,sera et restera dans mon coeur,mon ame et mon intellect.
C est plus que la simple agence,c est une famille,tant que Svetlana,son equipe formidable et les dames iscrites ouvrent les coeurs.
La qualite des dame est extreme parce que Svetlana agit avec son coeur et beaucoup de psychologie.
Ici point de femmes decevantes mais des ames,des sourires,de la feminite,de la culture et un arc en ciel de respect.
Laissons tomber nos prejuges et ouvrons notre avenir a ce que la vie peut offrir de plus merveilleux,a savoir: l amour.
Le pays est fabuleux a celui qui saura l aimer.Je comprends mieux ce que les ecrivains voulaient nous raconter.
Alors messieurs,vous n aurez qu une seule obligation,ce sera de respecter toutes ces dames et ce pays qui sauront vous accueillir.
Merci Svelana et a ton equipe de mettre un point rose sur le I du verbe aimer.
Il n y a plus de pays,nous sommes toutes et tous des citoyens du monde.

Rudy, Lille, France. Thanks, Rudy!


8, July'08

Bonjour Madame Svetlana ,et merci à vous et à votre équipe pour l'aide que vous m'apportée à la recherche de Tatiana . Vous êtes la seule agence qui avait, avec beaucoup de cœur aidé dans ma démarche à la recherche de la femme que je désire. Vous êtes la quatrième agence à qui je demande ce service et vous êtes la seule à me le rendre avec autant de dévouement et de gentillesse. Aussi je suis un peu contrarié de ne pas pouvoir récompensé votre travail par un modeste bouquet de fleurs .

Michel K., Ain, France. Thanks, Michel!


28, June'08

You know, Nataly is the woman I have been looking for for all my life! She is so beautiful, feminine and so tender. I couldn't ever imagine such wonderful women live so far away! Besides, Siberia and Barnaul and of course mountains, we went to - as if a fairy tale! Yes, I paid a certain sum of money and I am ready to it again to get such astonishing impressions and of course to see my beloved again and again. Thank you! Special gratitude to Svetlana! Thanks a lot!

Dave P., Perth, Australia. Thanks, Dave!


2, June'08

Good day, all Lavender staff!

I would like to inform you that I am very grateful to you for your help in search of my life partner, who I had met 2 years ago and with who we got married in October 2007. We live in a beautiful city - Nantes on the Western coast of France.
I am very glad and happy with my marriage!

Tatiana K., Nantes, France. Thanks, Tatiana!


23, May'08

I would love to say thank you for your help. My first contact with agency, with Svetlana started a year ago. During this time I had meetings and the agency worked very seriously, friendly, and professionally. Svetlana actively worked with me, always responsible. Her service is of high quality, especially her psychological help, sensibility. Svetlana and her team gave me chance to build relations with Russian young woman, who I dearly love and with who I really plan to live in France. We plan to join our two families, our children in a few months. I am sure, Svetlana and her team do effectively contribute to people's happiness, do give chance for lonely.

Joel M., Nantes, France (translated from original French). Thanks, Joel!


19, May'08

Je vous remercie Madame Lavande, Inna et Julie de l’organisation excellente avec ma dame. C’est vraiment super! ’etait vite, professionnelle, précisément, économiquement!

M. Jean-Luc Rault,
Marseille, France. Thanks, Jean-Luc!


12, May'08

"Hello dear Svetlana,
I had spent a wonderful time with Olga in Moscow. I like this woman very much. She is nice and sincere. And it is very important for me. I would like to invite her in august for us to have good time! ! !
I am very glad to meet her.
My warmest wishes! !"

PIERRE G., Chabris, France. Thanks, Pierre!


7, May'08

Die Website ist ernst, wahrheitsgetreu und ich glaube daß, ich nach der Bezahlung nicht enttäuscht werden.

Frederic H., Dresden,
Germany. Thanks, Frederick!


24, April'08

...Congratulations for your web site, very good and informative information, really useful...

Jan Burglöv, Gothenburg, Sweden. Thanks, Jan!


19, April'08

je suis vraiment enchante d'avoir decouvert votre site et votre agence . la communication se passe tres bien et je ne vois que du serieux et de la sincerite a travers nos echanges de lettres .votre professionnalisme est remarquable . je ne vous remercierai jamais assez ! ! ! !

Thanks, Pierre!


18, April'08

Bonjour , je suis francais et je m'appelle Claude , j'ai 58 ans. Je veux vous faire part ici de mon opinion concernant l'agence matrimoniale LAVENDER de BARNAOUL en RUSSIE . Malgre une certaine reticence bien legitime au debut , suite a de nombreuses mises en garde sur les possibilites d'arnaque de certaines agences et de certaines femmes Russes , j'ai decide sur recommandation de faire appel a l'agence LAVENDER a Barnaul en Russie . Pourquoi aller faire appel a une agence Russe me direz-vous . Tout simplement parce que a 57 ans ,j'avais envie de rencontrer une femme entre 40 et 45 ans qui me plaise physiquement et je me suis vite apercu qu'en France , c'etait presque mission impossible. La plupart des femmes que les agences m'ont presente etaient rarement en dessous de 50 ans et physiquement , elles ne correspondaient pas du tout a mes attentes . Voila pourquoi j'ai fait appel a une agence Russe . J'ai tout de suite fait confiance a la directrice de l'agence LAVENDER , madame Svetlana Lavande lors de notre premier contact . Sa sympathie , sa gentillesse , son approche psychologique et son professionalisme m'ont aussitot rassure et mis en confiance . Chacune des femmes qui m'ont ete presentees correspondait reellement physiquement et intellectuellement a mes souhaits sans parler de leur charme et de leur personnalite . En un mot , grace aux precieux conseil de madame Lavande, j'ai reussi a trouver facilement et rapidement la femme que je souhaitais . C'est pourquoi , aujourd'hui , je n'hesite pas a recommander cette agence dont le serieux , le professionalisme et la competence sont indiscutables .

Claude, Lorient, FRANCE.
Thanks, Claude!


17, April'08

Svetlana, I want to thank you for your professional demeanor through this whole process, and I will be glad to look at some of the profiles in your agency… Sincerely, John

John F., Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
Thanks, John!


16, April 2008

Je suis heureux pour vous que votre agence fonctionne bien et si elle existe encore c'est grace à votre professionalisme qui n'est pas facile dans ce métier...
Pour le moment tous ce passe bien avec oxana je la sens heureuse et pleine d'espoir et le grand jour pour nous sera le 1er mai...

Jean Francois B., Caen, France.
Thanks, Jean Francois!


9, April'08

Hello ! all beautiful ... hardly belieive you are true… too ideal you know i am interest to marry russian …can you guarantee?? you not lie? you mucst give service , after have money … i not want to pay for nothing… well, i want but i fear:))))) i am farmer from village…

Antonio, Paterna, Spain


15, March'08

Svetlana and all who work in Lavender. Do you know that you are well known in NZ? I know 2 couples who met each other with your help. I was pleasantly surprised when saw your ads here. I am married and I don’t need your service. But, I work in social department and I want you to know that everything you do is significant.
Good luck to all of you!

Mark T., Christchurch, NZ


24, March'08

…There are literally hundreds of dating / marriage agency sites with tens of thousands of Russian women advertising on the sites. So there is tough competition out there. On one site there are thousands of Russian women and this site has over ten different sites all called something different but with exactly the same lists of women - even down to the reference numbers for the women. This says to me (and other western men) that the site size and its duplication as other sites makes it a business first and a dating / marriage agency second. As a prospective client this is not what I wish to know - I want someone working for me as an interface between me and a woman on my behalf with the happiness and compatibility of the couple coming before the business considerations.
I would happily pay more for such a sincere agency rather than a lesser fee to the business orientated agency as I consider the chance of successfully finding a woman would be greatly improved by the agencies understanding and caring approach. So the business approach has to be seen to be secondary to the sincerity of the agency in order to increase business. As I have said you have managed to do this pretty well and your site comes across to the user as sincere - it does not give off warning signals that it could be a scam or racket to extract money from western men…

Ron G., England


2, February'08

Dear Lavender! Why have not I seen your site before?! I’ve been to Russia in Moscow through one of dating sites. I met with a girl there, but it turned out too expensive for me!!! Nobody cared for me in this big city and of course the meeting was not a success at all…
After I looked through your site, I understood that you are real professionals and you do understand the essence of the matter. If I knew about you before, I would have avoided many of the mistakes and would have saved much money.
I’ll come back to you as soon I recover from that Moscow trip…

Tom L., Kingston, NY, US.


26, January'08

Words of gratitude and admiration to all stuff of Lavender, especially I want to point out agency worker Inna. Thank you for everything you have done for me. I am so enchanted by Svetlana, by her professional and spiritual qualities.
I am happy due to Lavender!

Irina Semenova, Barnaul, Russia (you can see her photos at the start page)


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