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Nik  The contents of the profile


42 y.o. 
full information / 6 photos  / Number of Children: 2  / Foreign Passport  / Driving Licence  / Lady's Car

Age: 42
Nik: Julia1786
Date of Birth: 16.02.1981 12:20:00
Country: Italia
City/town: San Remo
Other Languages: italian
Nationality: Russian
Religion: Christian
Eyes Color: Blue
Hair Color: White
Education: College
Martial Status: Divorced
Number of Children: 2
Information about Children: daughter, Christian, 16years old, studying at the college of economics, speaks Italian, Russian, English ... studying French and German ... in the summer and weekends working with me ... Kind, obedient and very smart girl ... Set up for study and career, despite the model appearance ... son, Daniel, 14years old, my joy ... an extraordinary child, he had experienced enough in health in his childhood, so he has a very strong and purposeful character, goes to school and goes to training ... Both are very fond of each other, they often spend time together, are engaged in kickboxing together to maintain the form ... we have three wonderful relationships, we are very happy together ... created our paradise, our family .... They dream that my mother will sooner or later meet her man and get married ... They see how hard it is for me to give everything one and they regret happiness
Wants to Have Children: Possible
Height: 171
Weight: 58
Occupation: businesswoman
Alcohol: Socially
Smoking: Never
Level of English: Elementary (can read/write with the help of dictionary)
Interests, Way of Life, Personality: Julia, 171/58.I live in Italy in San Remo. I am strong, proud, wounded ... With a huge life experience. I survived there where others do not survive. She won many victories and proved much, but she did not find the same Love ... She raised two children, changed the country, realized at the level that the situation allowed ... She lived the last 16 years for her children, They were (and will remain) my biggest strength, love and happiness !!! But the stage of life has come, where I decided to start everything from the beginning, turn the page and try to paint life from scratch! For myself! I still believe in miracles and a fairy tale, and I'm not ashamed to admit it! Even if all hopes have died, I will believe ... Since this is the only way to go forward, feel still young and beautiful ... Dreams: My dream is very simple and so simple as it is unreal ... To meet a man who will save my soul will give me love, peace, peace, joy and happiness. I dream of someone I can love ....... ...... And who will be able to change my life
Looks for: Successful, experienced, versatile, interesting and most importantly looking for real, sincere and lively relationships. I am ready for any option, we are ready to leave Italy if it will be worth it, I'm ready to leave my company and work
Foreign Passport: Valid
Driving Licence: Valid
Lady's Car: Has

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