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28, April 2018

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Booking of the Hotel in our City - Barnaul

Type of the hotel


Room Type

Price (per a night)

1. Hotel***

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(payment: cash or credit card Visa or Master)

-in the center of the city;

-complex breakfast included.

*Sometimes the clients say it is a bit nosy in the hotel.

Single, single bed

€40 / $ 52 for 1 person Book*

Single improved, double bed

80 / $100 Book

Double, double bed

28 / $ 35 for 1 person Book

55 / $70 for 2 persons Book

2. Private hotel***

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(payment: only cash)

-10-15 min from the center of the city (by public conveyances or by taxi);

-complex breakfast is included;

-small, cozy, home style.

Single, double bed

64 / $ 90 for 1 person Book

77 / $ 108 for 2 persons Book


48 / $ 68 for 1 or 2 persons Book

Double, studio, big bathroom

77-82 / $ 108-115 for 1 or 2 persons Book

3. Hotel****

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(payment: cash or credit card Visa or Master)

-not a large, stylish hotel in the old part of the city (central);

-25 min walk to the agency along the central alley of the city;

-breakfast included (smorgasbord).

Single, double bed

66 / $ 93 for 1 person Book

85 / $ 119 for 2 persons Book

. Hotel****

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(payment: cash or credit card Visa or Master)

-in the center of the city;

-breakfast included (smorgasbord: meat or fish hot meals, vegetables, fruit, salads, dairy menu, desert, various beverages);

-near the agency;

-respectable, 5-stored building, good security, specially for foreigners.

single, double bed

135 / $ 180 for 1 person Book

170 / $210 – for 2 persons Book

Clicking "Book",please,point out the of the Hotel, dates for booking, type of the room, etc.

Please, note - hotels can change the prices, contact us to precise!

If you have question, contact us
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