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Between the Agency, Website "Lavender" and the Client- a foreign gentleman.

I. The objects of the Agency and the website.

1. Assistance through correspondence in acquaintance of Russian ladies from Siberian Region and foreign gentlemen by means of placing ladies' profiles on the website and giving access for gentlemen to look through the lady's catalogue and to correspond with the ladies after payment and filling in the form (information about yourself and your photos), as well as to communicate via telephone and video.

2. Assistance in organization of personal meeting of gentlemen and ladies with the purpose to continue acquaintance, to know each other better during personal communication and to develop further relationship.

3. The Agency has no responsibility for the development of relationship in a couple after their meeting and after the marriage registration, it depends on the couple itself.

4. Assistance in document preparation for guest, fiancee visa, registration of international marriages.

II. Client Responsibilities.

1. To pay for the chosen service according to the price list.

2. To fill in the form (you can do it now or when you start correspondence with a lady). The form is filled only once and is valid on the paid term of membership. It is attached automatically to your message for a lady.

3. The Client guarantees:

· to provide true information about oneself in the form;

· to provide photos, corresponding to the appearance in real time;

· to treat ladies respectfully in correspondence and during personal meeting;

· in case taking decision to meet personally with a lady: to meet her at the airport, to place her in the hotel or in his house, to provide the sufficient level of nutrition and comfort, not lower then gentleman's.

4. The Client together with the lady are responsible for the development of relationship in a couple after their meeting and after the marriage registration;

5. For the residents of the USA (only) all the documents are prepared in accordance with a special convenient law International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005.

III. Agency Responsibilities.

1. To provide service according to the price indicated in the price list, that the Client paid for.

2. The Agency guarantees:

· reliability of the information about the lady (imprecision of details of little significance is allowed), on the basis of the fact, that every lady passes personal interview in the Agency or via telephone, her personality is identified, the copies of her documents are scanned and kept in the Agency;

· providing photos, corresponding to ladies' appearance in real time;

· confidentiality of all the information (including all personal contact information, last name), given by you about yourself in your form (it is filled only once and is valid on the paid term of membership); this information is not transmitted or sold to a third person and is kept within the Agency;

· transferring of the filled by a gentleman form for his checking;

· the opportunity to change information given by the Client in his form (please, contact us);

· delivery all the correspondence from gentlemen to ladies, who it is addressed to and who have no e-mail addressee, on term from immediate to 24 hours (on days off, or force majeure- the terms are prolonged);

· delivery of the purchased gift during 24 hours from the moment of money receipt (on days off, or force majeure- the terms are prolonged).

3. The Agency becomes a guarantor of funds, transferred by the Client to the Agency address for lady's travel to meet a gentleman and for other purposes (air tickets, visa, medical insurance, etc.), that they will be used according to the goals with maximum economy.

4. The Agency guarantees confidentiality, responsible and professional attitude to work with clients.

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