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About our Siberian Region, Altai Territory and our City of Barnaul

Please, get acquainted with the maps of Russia, our region - Altai Territory, Barnaul.

Our region - the Altai Territory - still needs to be presented, as for the majority of foreigners, Siberia stays terra incognita. Even Euronews TV channel, showing weather forecast for the entire planet, never mentions Siberia, though millions of people live here. There are also megalopolises with developed infrastructure, science, cultural and historical centers.

Office of the Agency “Lavender” is situated in the center of the city of Barnaul. The nearest big city is Novosibirsk (250 km far).

Barnaul (800, 000 popularity) is situated in Southwestern Siberia. The city is the administrative center of the Altai Territory that borders on Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan. The city is considered to be one of the most beautiful and ecologically pure places in Siberian Region of Russia.

Popularity living in the region: 80% – Russian and Caucasian appearance, 20% local popularity Altayziy, and also other of Asian appearance.

This region has sharp continental climate. In summer the average temperature varies from +18, +35C, in winter -5, -20C. On the territory there are mountains, max height 5, 600 meters, largest Siberian river Ob, that takes its beginning in the Altai Mountains and flows into the Arctic Ocean, vast forestry and taiga ranges, fields, wonderful lakes. In general, the nature is considered to be unique and the territory attracts a lot of tourists, sportsmen from all over the world: paraplanerists, raftsmen, mountain cyclists, climbers and also archeologists, nature investigators, ethnologists, and others.

On the whole the territory is agricultural. 30% of economy industrial production.

For connection with the world, Barnaul has:

  • International airport (flights to Germany, Thailand, Emirates, China). Every day there are 3 direct flights to Moscow and back and also to other Russian cities. The distance from Moscow 4,000 km. The flight time by plane about 4 hours to Moscow;
  • Large rail road station, connecting with all Russian cities. To get to Moscow by comfortable train 2 nights, 3 days.
  • Large river port, as Barnaul is situated on the bank of the river Ob.
The time difference with Moscow is +3 hours;

You are welcome to our city!
The maps:

The Altai Territory on the map of Russia.


The agency "Lavender" is situated in the street Stroitelei 19, office 20, near Lenin Prospect.
Please, look at the left upper corner of the map.


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