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About us

Welcome to the website of professional Agency of Social Service “Lavender”.

The Agency is considered the largest and most respectable in Russian Siberian Region. It was founded in 1996 and is advertised upon Russian television.
The Agency offers the following basic and complementary service:

- acquaintance (international, regional, local);
- psychological consultation for single people, for divorced, for those, who lost their spouse, widow or widower, for married people, who have problems in relations, using the psychoanalytical, art-therapeutic methods, as well as the method of fate analysis.

The owner of the agency and the website - Dmitry Makarenko, relationship and VIP service specialist.

The author and designer of the sites – Svetlana Lavender.

The offered technologies, principles and recommendations are highly efficient and resulting. All this comes from the deep understanding of the essence of the problem and personally responsible approach of the website owner.
Here we guarantee to you an honest competent approach and respect to the problem of your partner search, as to one of the most important and significant problems in life and fate of a person.
Lavender has a qualified staff, with higher education and speaking freely English, French and German. The agency is supplied with modern office equipment, software, that provides high quality audio and video communication, correspondence (with the translation) for the customers, including modern spacious, cozy like home, private office in the center of the city.
The data bank includes thousands of ladies’ profiles with photo and video support.
The agency works in arduous duty. As usual every week a lady agency client, leaves Russia for the first personal acquaintance (after corresponding) or via fiancee visa to register marriage or we meet gentlemen in our city (from all over the world), who expressed desire to meet his lady in Russia in her native city. In general, for 11 years of work hundreds of international family units were built with the help of the agency.
After many years of work Lavender gained the reputation of an honest, reliable, competent, dynamically developing agency, in Russia and abroad. Gentlemen, who took our service recommend us to their friends, close people round the world, become agency friends and can always rely on us.

Important peculiarities of Lavender.

1. Providing service of international acquaintance in complex for gentlemen and ladies!

The website not only offers access to ladies catalogue (viewing of photos, profiles, introduction letter of a lady, video reel), correspondence (with translation), audio and video communication, but also organization of meeting if the couple has mutual liking and wish!
Arrival of gentlemen on the territory of Russia, in Barnaul or departure of ladies in the country of gentlemens residence (consultation and checking of all the necessary documents for obtaining a visa, coordination of the schedule of gentlemens meetings, taking into account the desired dates, work of the consulate, booking of routes and flights, preparation of the needed documentation).

If a gentleman invites a lady in his country:

  • before payment, a gentleman is given calculation of her travel (air tickets according to the route, visa, insurance, etc.) and transfers the amount received to the agency;
  • the agency becomes a guarantor of the appropriate use of the money the gentleman sends (the agency buys air tickets, pays for the insurance, etc.) and renders a report, copies of air tickets and other expenses documents.
If a gentleman desires to come to Russia, Barnaul for the first meeting:
  • the agency becomes a guarantor of his safety, comfort, renders the needed advisory help in all the problems, organizes a tourists visa, renders services: meeting in the airport, booking and lodging in the hotel, interpretation and other service for minimum prices.

I think that you feel and understand that if you decide to cooperate with Lavender, you will be sure that you are supported by good, kind, honest people, professionals, and exactly here you will solve your problem exactly here you will meet your only lady and it will happen in the atmosphere of respect, benevolence, safety and comfort.
S. Lavender

2. All of the ladies, clients of the agency, placed on the website are citizens of Barnaul (70%) and Siberian region (30%). Every lady passed personal interview in the agency and won our confidence.

The agency does not accept ladies information via Internet!
Every lady, placed on the website, passes personal interview with agency director or manager!
These are single ladies, divorced, widows with social status. Each of them applies to the agency in hope to have a meeting that will change her life: they will not be alone any more, they will have a true family, love, they will be able to realize themselves as wives, mothers, beloved and loving ladies.

In the agency we keep copies of her documents, all personal contact information (registration address, real address, telephone numbers: mobile, home, work, her work or study address, the name of the enterprise, for young ladies (up to 25) we have contact information of their parents), that is given on a voluntary basis.

After the agreement is signed, the lady has a photo session in the photostudio of the agency, or made just in the agency office. That is why you have absolute guarantee of the fact, that the photos comply with her real appearance at present. Besides, we offer 1-2 amateur photos as moments of her real life.

Dear gentlemen, I see that it is important for you to know that the photos are true to life. The very photos to a great extent give you reasons to begin correspondence with this or that lady. If the correspondence turns out to be emotionally significant for you, you can ask to place other photos of the lady and we will do it for you absolutely free, as we have more photos then we place on the website.
I think, you like all this as well!
S. Lavender

3. Remoteness of Siberian region from the centers of world civilization let Siberian ladies keep natural feminine attraction and feminine pattern of behavior with gentlemen.

In this respect, we can say for sure that such qualities as: spontaneity, naturalness, purity of soul, femininity, diligence, faithfulness to patriarchal model of family, originality, interest to traditions, cultures of other nations in combination with love to native Russian culture, customs, nature are peculiar to a great extent to Siberian ladies agency clients.
Exactly remoteness becomes a natural obstacle for Siberian ladies in the problem of acquaintance with gentlemen from other countries. In contrast to European ladies, who have an opportunity to get acquainted not only with gentlemen from their region, city, but also with gentlemen from all over the world during tourist trips, work, studies in other countries, most of Siberian ladies dont have enough opportunities for such long traveling. Moscow, Europe 4-8 hours of flight. Our region is equally remote from all world oceans, and that is why in letters ladies often write about their love to sea, ocean and sun.
Remoteness of the region becomes the reason for the fact, that new technologies reach our territory later, and that is why more then 80% of agency clients do not have computers at home and they correspond only with the help of the agency. Computerization has just started in Siberia.

Smiling? However, it is true! Will you agree, that but for new technologies these wonderful Siberian ladies could be excluded from interesting, joyous, capturing with its incomprehensibility process of searching for a second half all over the world?
S. Lavender

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